Scumdance is now a multi-day film festival celebrating the best of underground film. We do our best to curate those films made by the true artist… those who speak with a voice and vision outside the realm of standard faire. We specialize in horror, avant-garde, music based, and experimental films.

Best Short (as voted by festival judges) and Audience Favorite Short.
Best Feature (as voted by festival judges) and Audience Favorite Feature.

Best Score/Soundtrack
Best Acting (non-gender specific)
Best Animation/stop-motion
Best Directing
Best Cinematography

2020 Winners:
Judges Favorite Feature: Midnight Run
Judges Favorite Short: Lost Treasure of the Valley
Audience Favorite Feature: Re-Elected
Audience Favorite Short: Lost Treasure of the Valley

Best Score/Soundtrack - Jonathan Rocha - Midnight Run
Best Acting (non-gender specific) - Jackie Kelly – Tennessee Gothic
Best Animation/stop-motion - Cara Hagan - Monster News Feed
Best Directing - Richard Hernande - z Midnight Run
Best Cinematography - Jack Hildebrand Re-Elected

Please send us your most entertaining live action, stop motion, and animated shorts and features, but any submissions that are deemed to be overtly racist, sexist, homophobic, featuring animal or child abuse, or otherwise just plain outside the bounds of bad taste will be flatly rejected.
Shorts - 30 min or less
Features - 30 min or more

Overall Rating
  • Although this year they went virtual, the whole submission/selection process was great. The festival programmers keep solid communication with the filmmakers and that's a valuable thing to offer. I'll definitely submit to this fest again. The only con about the whole thing was that we weren't able to be physically together. The experience would have been much better, to meet and greet in person and talk amongst ourselves. But, it was amazing that it had happened one way or another.

    October 2020
  • Robert Husted

    AMAZING FESTIVAL. I don't even know where to begin, but I'll give it a shot: first off, Travis and the entire team are, hands-down, the most wonderfully filmmaker-friendly folks we've ever been lucky enough to encounter in all our festival travels. Our acceptance email was greeted with a follow-up email that included feedback from their judges that made us feel about 1,000 feet tall (no joke, they were poster-worthy quotes!). Their communication skills are also second-to-none - having been around the festival block a few times now already, I tell you that many are bad at just staying in touch and providing basic updates on how things are going. The Scumdance crew was incredible at keeping us looped in on every change/adjustment/pivot due to COVID-19, and also did not hesitate to come up with a sterling backup plan that still made the festival feel like a "festival" despite the lack of live screenings. Finally, the festival itself - what can I say, except "WOW!!" The programming was amazing, the sense of community was incredible, and everyone is made to feel as if they're inside a propulsive cyclone of awesomeness - from the actual screening days/links, to the filmmaker Q&As, to the social media presence that makes you feel like you're a part of something truly cool and important - this fest is one of the greats, and you should not hesitate to enter. Seriously, SCUMDANCE RULES!!!!!

    September 2020
  • Wonderful time at a chill bar with cheap drinks where we met new friends for life. A quintessential Reno experience.

    September 2019
  • Scumdance was great! Good communication and an amazing staff. Makes me want to start another film just to enter their festival again!

    August 2019
  • Stefen Harris

    Excellent communication by the organisers. It was a real blast having our film Blue Moon selected and screened at the festival.

    July 2019