We are excited to finally launch our first competition for screenwriters worldwide. We know more than anyone how hard it is to break into the industry, hence we've created this competition to help jump start your career to give you the accreditation and reputation you might need to approach industry professionals such as agents, managers, and producers.
Our aim is to help you the best we can, hence every entry will get a short script coverage from the judges with years of experience in evaluating scripts.

The pandemic has hit us all hence why we're giving cash prizes to help you in your current or next project from our own pocket. You can use it to help fund a short film or any other way you like.

Winner of the feature categories get a cash prize of £500 with a detailed script coverage.
Winner of the short script gets a cash prize of £200 with a detailed script coverage.

Every entry will get a short script coverage.

- Up to two entries per writer.
- All writers must be 18 or over.
- Writers may submit from anywhere in the world, but the script must be in English.
- Only original screenplays and teleplays are eligible for the prize. Novels, short stories, stage plays, treatments, synopses, reality show concepts and spec scripts for existing TV series are not accepted.
- Adaptations of books, plays, or any other source material written by another author are not eligible.
- The contest and its administrators are not responsible for submissions or entry fees that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit, and we cannot return scripts or refund entry fees once they have been submitted.
- Online submission via FilmFreeway only.
- Once the script has been entered under no circumstance will another draft be accepted. (This is purely because of the sheer volume and work the judges have to go through). If your script makes it to the Semi-Final then you will be invited to enter a newer draft free of charge if you wish.
- Decision of the judges is final and will not be changed.
- The coverage of every screenplay will be sent with the announcements of the decision, the first being on the 15th February. 2021.
- Final deadline is 3rd February, 2021.