The Screenwriting Master Contest is an annual screenplay competition founded in 2018. The panel consists of writers, producers, and directors who have worked on everything from studio features to independent films. The panel will judge the first three rounds of the competition. We then turn the final decisions over to our guest jury members to determine who will become the 2021 Feature, Pilot, & Short “Screenwriting Master.”

The objective of the Screenwriting Master Contest is to award writers for outstanding achievement in screenwriting in both Feature and Short screenplay categories based on six sections: Dialogue, Plot, Characters, Premise, Tone, and Structure. Marketability of a screenplay is not something we take into consideration. We understand that writing is a process, which is why we allow our contestants the ability to submit an updated draft of their screenplay in the event their work is selected to move onto the next round. After all, rewriting is the only way to become a true Screenwriting Master.


$1000 Cash Prize

The Screenwriting Master Trophy & the title of 2021 Feature “Screenwriting Master”

One free entry to next year’s competition

Final Draft 11 Software

Coverage notes from the jury


$500 Cash Prize

The Screenwriting Master Trophy & the title of 2021 Pilot “Screenwriting Master”

One free entry to next year’s competition

Final Draft 11 Software

Coverage notes from each jury member


$500 Cash Prize

The Screenwriting Master Trophy & the title of 2021 Short “Screenwriting Master”

One free entry to next year’s competition

Final Draft 11 Software

Coverage notes from each jury member


Submissions are accepted via electronic submission on this website only, between February 5th, 2021 and June 17th, 2021.

Entry fee for each screenplay varies based on the deadline date and type of screenplay (short, pilot, or feature). Please refer to the submission fees listed at

There is no limit to the number of projects you may submit.

Entries must be received on or before the deadlines and submission fee payment must be made in full at time of the submission. All entry fees are non-refundable

All submitted material must be original, and all rights must be wholly owned by the writer(s).

Material must be submitted by the writer. Material written by writing teams must be submitted by one of the writers, with the consent of the other(s). All writers must be credited on the title page.

If a writing team is chosen as a winner, prizes will be given to the person who submits the project. Each team is responsible for dividing or sharing the prize money.

After a screenplay is entered, no new drafts or corrected pages can be made. In the event your screenplay is selected to advance to the next round, you will have the opportunity to send a new draft. All new drafts must be received within 72 hours of the selection announcement. New drafts received after this period will not be accepted.

It is recommended that original material be registered with the WGA or The Library of Congress before submitting to any competition. However, we do not require registration.

All ownership and rights to the scripts submitted to this contest remain with the original rights holders.

No waivers are available for this contest.


All writers at least 18 years of age are eligible. However, a writer who has earned more than $50,000 (or equivalent currency) from professional writing services for film or TV in the preceding year is not. (Contest winnings not included.)

All persons from anywhere in the world are eligible. However, the material submitted must be in English.

All material submitted to other competitions or contests are eligible.

There are no requirements as to when the material was written.

The material submitted must not be encumbered by any obligation to, or option held by, a third party before entering the competition.

Any submitted work that becomes optioned, published, produced or purchased between the time of submission and the end of the judging period will no longer be eligible.

Material should be submitted in standard screenplay format, font, spacing, and margin.

We have no preferences regarding title page content. Title and name of writer would suffice.

Adaptations are ineligible unless the writer owns the underlying rights or the work is in the public domain.

Page limit requirements are as follows:

Between 1 and 40 pages for short screenplays.

Between 20 and 80 pages for Pilot screenplays.

Between 75 and 140 pages for Feature screenplays.

All material must be submitted electronically as a PDF or it will not be eligible.

Overall Rating
  • So honored to have won this contest. From the moment I learned the results, to being featured on their website, the communications were top-notch. I even received excellent notes.

    November 2021
  • I recommend this festival for screenwriters who need timely feedback at a reasonable price. I was honoured that my short screenlay Fishing for Love was accepted as a quarter finalist in this event.

    November 2021
  • Carl Burcham

    It was a real thrill to be part of the 2021 Screenwriting Master Contest. I was so excited to be honored as one of the five finalists for my first screenplay "Curl Ling." The contest's team was very professional and communicated well at every phase. I will definitely enter next year! Highly recommended for anyone who loves films, TV and screenwriting.

    November 2021
  • Thank you for selecting my frantic witty absurd surreal comedy script/screenplay Loonatoona for Quarter-Finalist

    November 2021
  • Joey Maranto

    Thank you so much for the quarterfinalist selection! Really enjoyed being a part of the competition and I look forward to taking part in your future contests. Highly recommend for all screenwriters.

    November 2021