The Scottish Outdoor and Adventure Film tour is a new UK wide theatrical film tour, combining great films, great athletes, and great audiences.

Our aim is to bring the outdoor community together at each of our live, interactive events for an evening of authentic, high-quality film entertainment that showcases and celebrates the best of Scottish adventure-sports, athletes, film-makers and locations.
Our goal is to provide genuine insight into the featured athletes, activities and locations, through inclusive and inspirational events created specifically for Outdoor & Adventure enthusiasts – whatever their level of experience, involvement or background.

Entries to be within the Outdoor and/or Adventure Sport genre, feature either Scottish Athletes, Locations, Film-Makers, storyline or some other Scottish-based connection!

Entry submittal constitutes approval to use the film in whole, or part, for Gala and/or Theatrical Screening purposes for the Scottish Outdoor and Adventure Film Tour (SOAFT) in perpetuity. This includes use of still-images for promotion and related use.

Entries to be filmed in a visual and audio quality capable of projection in large-screen format on professional projection equipment.