The “SANTA MARINELLA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, APOLLO GOLD AWARD" by virtue of the film heritage of our Town since the ’20s with the divine Star Anna Fougez, and then with our fellow citizens Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, Federico Fellini, Totò and many others – this year we will celebrate the centenary of the birth of Federico Fellini with a tribute of some evenings - who made the world know the town of Santa Marinella, is aimed to the film literacy and addressed to promising young film directors and actors, professionals and schools, who through the expressive art form of the short film have distinguished themselves in the experimentation and innovation of the art of cinematography, caring for culture, science, sport, journeys and discoveries, human rights, childhood and youth, solidarity and meeting of new people with different culture and traditions in the Mediterranean Basin, a sea which since the ancient times bridged Europe to the other continents.

Apollo gold award (trophy) and tourist packages with visits to local museum (see regulation and terms).


1) Introduction of the 7th Golden Apollo Santa Marinella Short Film Festival.
The Golden Apollo Santa Marinella Short Film Festival, is an international competition open to short films organized by the cultural association Santa Marinella Viva.
The Festival takes place in collaboration with the Municipalities of S.Marinella, Tolfa, Cerveteri, Ladispoli and the Castle of Santa Severa.
The goal is to enhance a cinematographic event by expanding through a synergy with the other neighboring municipalities, aimed to develop the region of the northern sea coast of Rome and to rediscover its great cinematic heritage.
The various stages that will be organized in this region will also include side events of high cultural value scheduled on the website

2. Admission requirements
Works of Italian and international productions, made from 2018 onwards, are admitted. Short films with a maximum duration of 15 minutes belonging to the following categories can take part in the competition:
A) FICTION - The category includes works of any kind: drama, comedy, action, fantastic, horror, adventure, etc. provided they belong to fictional cinema.
B) ANIMATION - the category includes works of any theme produced by any technique of animation.
C) EXPERIMENTAL - the category includes works about any topic.
D) MUSIC VIDEOCLIP (only italian producer and film director)

The registration of your work to the festival entitles you to its non-profit promotion of the work registered in TV channels, as well as other film competitions and partner festivals. To deny your consent to this promotion you must send an email to
The organizing committee is authorized to make partial screenings, for publication or for promoting the festival. The schedule of the screenings is the exclusive responsibility of the organizing committee of the Festival, who will issue a general brochure of the selected finalist works and a program of all the festival evenings.
 The works received will be kept in the archive of the Santa Marinella Viva Cultural Association and can be used for subsequent, non-profit screenings in cine-forums or for educational, cultural and social activities.

The registration entitles the organizing committee to promote the works during the current year.
 The organizing committee, takes care and custody of the received works. However, it does not accept responsibility for any theft or damage that may occur.
 By registration for the competition, each author is responsible for the content of his work and authorizes the organizing committee of the festival to process their data in accordance with the law.
 By registration to the competition, the author, producer, distributor declares that they have all the rights of their works and are responsible for their content.
 The participation to the Competition implies acceptance of this regulation in all its paragraphs
The organizing committee reserves the right to make exceptions to the detailed rules laid down in this regulation in particular unforeseen cases. This regulation is drafted in Italian and English, and in the event of misinterpretation, the Italian version is valid.

Santa Marinella Viva (c / o Sonia Signoracci) - Via Pontenuovo 42, 00058 Santa Marinella, Rome
Signoracci Sonia: Artistic Director
Desireè Arlotta: Organizational manager

Facebook: santamarinellaviva

3) Date and venue
The Festival, will be held at the Piazza Trieste, a square in the historic center of S. Marinella from 26th to 29th June, 2020 with an extensive program that includes the screenings of the finalist films in competition, which will be online on due time on the website

4) Sections and prizes
The registered films will participate in the competition for the award of the following prizes:
Fiction category:
1. Apollo d'Oro di Santa Marinella for the best film (trophy) and a weekend stay in Santa Marinella during the Festival for two people (bed and breakfast) for one or two nights at the discretion of the organization according to where the guests come from and free entrance for two people to visit the Castle of Santa Severa, the Polo Museum of Tolfa, and the Etruscan Cemetery of Cerveteri and the Flavia tower in the town of Ladispoli.
2. Critics prize (plaque) and a happy hour for two during the Festival in the historic center of S.Marinella near the Odescalchi Castle and free entrance for two people to the Castle of Santa Severa.
3. Audience prize (plaque) an aperitif for two people during the Festival in the historic center of Santa Marinella near the Odescalchi Castle and free entry for two people to the Castle of Santa Severa.
Animation Category:
. Best animation short film award - Best animation short film. Plaque and entrance and guided visit to the Castle of S.Severa for two people.
Experimental category
. Best Short Film Award (plaque) and free entrance and guided visit to the Castle of S.Severa for two people.
. Best miusic video clip (plaque)
Other prizes best actor/actress, screenplay, direction, photography and special mentions (plaque).
The awards will be presented at the end of the screenings on the final evening.
All the winners will receive an admission pass to the Festival and for the happy hour offered by the organizer committee.

5) Registration and submission of works
Registrations are open until 30th April 2020, by that date also the films that the Jury must select must be received.
Short films in languages other than Italian must be complete with subtitles in English, or in Italian.
The organizing committee of the Festival is not responsible for the protection of the rights relating to the presented work. The authors of the films are obliged to state whether they are registered to the SIAE lists or an equivalent body, in order to protect their copyright. The works must be correctly registered and uploaded onto the FILMFREEWAY platform.

The registration fee for the festival is €5 for each short film by platform filmfreeway.
Submissions to be online by 30 April 2020 on:

The works must be uploaded in MP4 format file (video resolution 1920x1080, Codec: H264, FPS: 25, maximum file size: 2 Gb), together with the completed and signed registration form and the receipt of payment of the registration fee by April 30th, 2020.(download the registration form the website

Each registered work must present the following documentation: the poster of the short film with the list of prizes won and participation in other festivals, the biography of the author.
Works already presented in previous editions will not be admitted.

6) Selection
A jury designated by the organizers will select the works admitted to the final phase.The results will be communicated by e-mail and published on the website.

7) Jury
The jury, composed of recognized figures in cinema and celebrities of cinema, television, communication, and entertainment sectors.