The “SANTA MARINELLA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, APOLLO GOLD AWARD" by virtue of the film heritage of our Town since the ’20s with the divine Star Anna Fougez, and then with our fellow citizens Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, Federico Fellini, Totò and many others – this year we will celebrate the centenary of the birth of Federico Fellini with a tribute of some evenings - who made the world know the town of Santa Marinella, is aimed to the film literacy and addressed to promising young film directors and actors, professionals and schools, who through the expressive art form of the short film have distinguished themselves in the experimentation and innovation of the art of cinematography, caring for culture, science, sport, journeys and discoveries, human rights, childhood and youth, solidarity and meeting of new people with different culture and traditions in the Mediterranean Basin, a sea which since the ancient times bridged Europe to the other continents.

Apollo gold award (trophy) and tourist packages with visits to local museum

registration dedline 30th April 2020