Welcome to the Sandbar International Film Awards. A JURORS ONLY awards festival, saving you cost and commitments..!

The SIFA runs as a sister-fest to the hugely successful & prestigious Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival which is based in Bangor, Northern Ireland from 2009.

PLEASE NOTE: The Sandbar is run as a 'Juror's Only' festival, which means the only audience for the award stages of the competition will be the selected SIFA judges. After our winning films have been announced, SIFA may hold a day of screening in select cities for the public to enjoy, although all film makers will be made aware of this before the event begins.

The SIFA accepts online submissions of ONLY SHORT FILMS (Under 41 mins) from all genres!

With all submissions in by closing deadline, each film will be put through the rigorous process of judgement from each of the experienced juror's which include an international panel of award winning writers, directors, producers and actors.

The panel must select 25 films from the first stage of judging that will then become the Official Selection of the Sandbar International Film Awards of that year.

The Sandbar International Film Awards run a serious and committed set-up, judging each project submitted fairly and on many values. These include technically, performance wise, entertainment, charm and much, much, more...

Good luck!!


(Three places - Gold, Silver & Bronze)
BEST LGBT FILM (If over 3 genre submissions)
BEST ANIMATION (If over 3 genre submissions)

Short films ONLY up to the 45 minute mark please! (NO Features)

Films MUST be no more than 12 months old (since completion date)!

Films MUST NOT be in the public domain longer than 6 months before judgement day!

All genres accepted!! All languages (English subtitles where needed)

Feature lengths can be submitted to our other festival - Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival - available via FilmFreeway.com

Overall Rating
  • Mina Sadat Hosseini

    It is my pleasure, and an honour to be part of the Official Selections 2020.
    Thank you very much,

    December 2020
  • Justin Stevenson

    Enjoyed being part of this festival. Concidering covid, i think they did well to get it done

    December 2020
  • Ji ber ku kurte filmè me hilbijartiye em gelek sipasiya festivala Sandbar ya navnetewi dikin. Serkeftinè jère dixwazin.

    December 2020
  • The SIF judges watch your film. Then, if they like it, they’ll send you a laurel and a congrats email, but not a review of your film. That’s about it. Thanks SIF for the Laurel.

    December 2020
  • Joaquim Haickel

    A truly gratifying and enriching experience!

    May 2017