Welcome to the 2019 Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Outdoor and indoor International Feature and short film festival with a week of screenings, classes, workshops, events and performances.

Over 15k in Prizes from November 20th 2019. Entries now open.

The Queensland film industry has seen massive growth over the past decade with major international films like Unbroken, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kong, Thor: Rangarok, King Kong and Aquaman.

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For our fifth year 2019 contestants please contact us directly if your film is made in QUEENSLAND with a list of shot locations actors and crew. We do not want to miss any Queensland films.

Films must have been made in the last 3 years and not yet released to an Australian cinema, television, DVD or streaming audience.

Feature films must be over 70 minutes in length and short films must be under 10.

All films must pay a submission fee so as to keep the integrity of the competition. In rare cases a special exemption can be made by the committee for under developed nations or cases of extreme hardship.

Films must be available for screening during the festival from November 20 - 24, 2019.

Narrative and Documentary films with Australian distribution are ineligible for competition but could be eligible for an exclusive VIP LAUNCH screening.

Films aired on free to air television, released on DVD, streamed on line publicly before the festival are not eligible for competition.

We prefer your film to be Australian, Australasian, Queensland state or even East coast premieres. This is taken into consideration when including films.

We do not accept works in progress apart from sound or grading still being worked on.
There are strictly no refunds to any festival entries.

Please post us a screening copy of the film on DVD. NTSC or PAL is preferred. Please send a cover letter describing your film. There is a no return policy on DVDs. You will be notified upon receiving your film.

We do NOT under any circumstances invite films to the competition. Only films paid for will be viewed by our committee. If your film is amazing and in the running for a major prize you could be told of its inclusion in the festival at an earlier date so there is a chance of your launch party, closing party and premiere attendance.

Thankyou and good luck!!

Come and join us at Sanctuary Cove for the festival if your film gets selected - you get free tickets for entering.

Overall Rating
  • Rosie Jones

    Once the film was selected there was literally no communication. I have no idea if the film was screened or the festival even took place. I checked the website and asked to see images from the festival but all communication was ignored. Don't waste the entry fee.

    February 2019
    Response from festival:

    Hi there Rosie. Your film was played. Very funny. The crowd LOVED it. We also love your NEW Doco THE FAMILY. What an incredible achievement. Good luck with future endeavours and please contact us for free tickets and a fee waiver for your next film. We're here to make friends :)

  • Jeremy Rigby

    A FIVE Star International Film Festival with heart! Highly recommended and very professional with a great mix of attendees. My 91 year old father, the star of my selected film and I were made to feel most welcome. I'm looking forward to entering, being selected and attending the next festival. My only one regret was not booking local accommodation so that we could enjoy the seemingly endless beer and wine in the vip section.

    January 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thanks a million for your review. What an incredible film. Congratulations.

  • A great exciting film-festival, my gratitude and thanks for selecting Ask Wonder.

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    Legend see you in November for a beer!

  • Anthony Miller

    Fantastic time had by all great to have had my film as part of the festival. Looking forward to next years event
    Mad Antz Films

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    Love your work. Glad we could move your screening. Big things ahead for you Anthony. We're right behind you.

  • The Bailey Boys (Triple O Productions)

    Where to begin!! 5-Star Film Festival all the way. We have attended each year, and are astounded each time at how the Festival manages to exceed everyone's expectations time and time again. Stunning location, BRILLIANT, witty & comedic MC'ing a la legendary Mike Goldman, INSANE prizes and uber-generous sponsorship support, an entire weekend of film, entertainment, prizes, laughter & delicious food & wine. Not only does this Festival cater for experienced filmmakers, it also provides up and coming filmmakers with a wonderful opportunity to have their creativity recognised and acknowledged in a supportive and encouraging environment. Already blocked out the calendar for the 2019 Film Festival.

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    What a superstar family. We were so pleased we discovered you before your big trop-fest win. Kinda made us all feel special. See you in November.