The SFGFF will showcase contemporary Greek feature films and shorts from established and up-an-coming directors from Greece or of Greek decent. Different feature length films and shorts will be showcased each night, and all movies will have English subtitles.
Comedy, drama, and documentaries are all part of the mix

The Modern Greek Studies Foundation sponsors the San Francisco Greek Film Festival. All proceeds benefit the educational and cultural initiatives of the Foundation.

For more information please visit our website:

Astron Award

The San Francisco Greek Film Festival introduced the Astron Award in 2012 to honor and encourage achievements in Greek film-making and to enhance the movie experience of the film festival’s moviegoers. Inspired by the ancient Greek word “astir” which means scattered or spread in the sky, astron carries more than its celestial meaning of star. It is used to describe an individual distinguished for his/her talent, abilities, and personality in the field of arts, politics and professional arenas. Our audience votes for the best movie in the feature length films and shorts categories.
Astron Awards:
Audience Favorite Documentary
Audience Favorite Narrative Short
Audience Favorite Narrative Feature
We are excited to announce our 3rd Jury Awards! A panel of distinguished industry professionals will judge and determine the best film in each of three categories — Narrative Features, Documentaries and Narrative Shorts — and winners will receive a monetary compensation. The Jury Awards are in addition to our audience favorite Astron Awards.
🏆 Jury Award - Best Documentary $1000
🏆 Jury Award - Best Narrative Short $500
🏆 Jury Award - Best Narrative Feature $1000

Eligible films for the San Francisco Greek Film Festival include works by Greek/Cypriot filmmakers and filmmakers of Greek/Cypriot descent worldwide; films about Greece; Greek and Cypriot productions or co-productions; films by Greek/Cypriot directors, writers, and producers; and films by Greek/Cypriot actors in starring roles, co-directors, co-writers and co-producers are also eligible. Films open for public viewing in YouTube or Vimeo will not be considered.
All non-English films must have English sub-titles if needed.

All films selected for the festival grant SFGFF, the rights to upload a 2 minute clip/trailer online for promotional purposes.
You may enter more than one film and must be accompanied by its own completed on line submission form.

COVID19 Update: The 20th Annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival is planned to be an in-person event with some films screened on line too (Hybrid) . The ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic could force us to make the Film Festival be some combination of on-line screenings, drive-in shows and in-person events.

Overall Rating
  • Fotios Marantos

    I am really happy that my film was a part of the 2023 20th anniversary SFGFF.
    Great team, great communication!

    May 2023
    Response from festival:

    We like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your documentary "19.5.1919" at our festival. It is very important for all including the younger generations to learn about the historical dramas. Thank you for entrusting us with your work!

  • Vassilis Xiros

    Impeccable organisation, warm atmosphere and a really different kind of hospitality. A pillar for Greek cinema outside of Greece. Congratulations and thanks to all of the organising committee!

    May 2023
    Response from festival:

    Vassili, we THANK YOU for allowing us to share your movie with our audience and to also have your presence in our festival with a very enlightening Q&A .

  • Eirini Danilouli

    A great festival with lots of good movies ! From all the crew of “Rallou At Home” , thanks a lot for the selection .

    May 2023
    Response from festival:

    Greetings Eirini from the SFGFF, we were very fortunate to have your movie be part of our line up and enhance the audience senses !

  • Graffi Media Inc

    SFGreekFilmFest is one of the most professionally-organized, impeccably curated film festivals we've experienced. To start, all the films were amazing. A what a selection---an indie gem from every category of film. I plan to attend the entire festival next year, just for my own enjoyment. A number of our cast were able to attend, our director was here from Greece, and all were welcomed with warmth and kindness, Greek hospitality at its most beautiful. The screening room was fantastic, and the festival went to the trouble and expense of displaying posters on easels of the films, which delighted everyone. Many blessings to the organizers, and many thanks for screening LYVIA'S HOUSE. We felt truly honored to be hosted by such a San Francisco gem of a festival.

    May 2023
    Response from festival:

    we can only thank you for the kind words! We thank you also for giving us the opportunity to have a very lively Q&A with members of the film. We also value that members of the film signed the "afisa" poster for us!

  • Konstantinos Kakarountas

    Thank you for including "Christmas Present" in your wonderful festival. Really great to be part of this festival. Wonderful experience.

    May 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for trusting your movie to us for review, We value the comments and hopefully we will be able to review more of your movies!