The Bible proclaims in Matthew 5:13 "You are the salt of the earth!" The Salty Earth Film Festival was created by Salty Earth Pictures, a non-profit organization, and is dedicated to encouraging, producing, and distributing entertainment that challenges minds, lightens hearts, and strengthens souls. We look to celebrate motion pictures that inspire by using the lens of the gospel to present stories of life, hope, & faith, Scripture encourages us to be salt and light in the world! Telling stories through movies is an opportunity for creative artists to act on the great commission and "go & tell!" all nations and people the good news that we have.

The 2023 Salt Shaker Award will be presented to the following.

Best Drama (40-130 minutes)
Best Comedy (40 - 130 minutes)
Best Short Drama (5 - 40 minutes)
Best Short Comedy (5 - 30 minutes)
Best Documentary (20 - 120 minutes)
Best Student Film
Best Screenplay
Best Screenplay (Not Yet Produced)
Best Micro Film
The following will also be recognized:

Audience Choice Award, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Photography, Best Editing, Best Score

The Salty Earth Film Festival is open to anyone, anywhere around the world and we encourage people to go out be creative and make great God pleasing movies. Individuals, Churches, Companies and organizations are all encourage to participate.

If rules are broken, you will be automatically disqualified and will have to resubmit your video(s). You also give us full permission to download a digital copy of your video as well as playing it during the festival week via projector and online and additional screenings. Prizes will be granted based on the number of entries, donations and sponsors received. SEFF reserves the right to reject any submissions.

No refund
No nudity or sexuality explicit scenes
No offensive language
Strong violence is prohibited
Must present Christian values
Horror films will not be accepted.
Non-English Films must have English Subtitles

Overall Rating
  • Amazing, thank You for my first award! God bless you all!

    November 2021
  • Great experience and thank you

    November 2021
  • Slavica ┼ánur

    great people, great movies, organization and communication. a festival that brings light. they were blessed.
    Slavica Šnur

    November 2021
  • Very professionally run. The festival was spot on with communicating with entrants and all announcements dates were honored. Excellent Festival!

    November 2021
  • Joe Leone

    I am honored that Inspirational Feature Film Screenplay (COOP) was selected in the 2020 Salty Earth Film Festival. I was unable to attend the event this year, but I am very appreciative for the recognition. Thank you!

    September 2020