The excitement is on the rise - filmmakers and film lovers will come together in Espelkamp from 30th to 31st of October 2020 to pursue their shared passion for the medium of film on two days of the event. Talented junior directors from all over Germany present their works to the audience, hoping to take home one of the three coveted "SPITZ" film awards.

1st Place: 2.492 $ (2.000 €)
2nd Place: 1.869 $ (1.500 €)
3rd Place: 623 $ (500 €)

Audience Award for every Screening.

1. General

There is no commitment to cinematic themes or genres. Only short films with a fictional story are allowed. Not allowed are music videos, experimental films, documentaries and commercials. If the screening committee does not select a film for the competition, the possibility remains that the film will be placed in one of the special programs. The possibility to withdraw the film exists until the beginning of the eighth week before the festival starts.

2. Submission modalities

Closing date is 15/07/2020 (inbox). The length of the film must not exceed 20 minutes, excluding end credits. The date of completion of the film must be after 31/12/2017. Only completed films can be considered in the preselection. The submission and review is done exclusively via a digital screener via FilmFreeway. Films with a German-speaking production location are accepted, and German co-productions are also accepted. Only one movie per participant is allowed. Precondition for the sighting are working contact details of the submitters.

3. Accepted film formats

A pre-production copy of an existing DCP or a high-resolution Quicktime ProRes 422 (HQ) file is allowed. Further details will be announced with the nomination of the respective films. Films in foreign language versions must have German subtitles.

4. Selection

The submitters whose films are nominated for the festival will be contacted via email by 15/08/2020 at the latest. At the same time they will receive a registration form for attendance by at least the director of the film or a representative. The form with staff list, short synopsis of the film, biography and filmography of the director, festival run, etc. must be returned by 31/08/2020 and is considered a binding commitment. The nominated film titles are then published on the website and Facebook page of Espelkamper SPITZiale. Cancellations are not made, the Commission is not obliged to justify them.

5. Prices

The awards are given only to present directors or their representatives.

1st Place: Golden Spitz with € 2,000 prize money.

2nd Place: Silver Spitz with € 1,000 prize money.

3rd Place: Bronzener Spitz with 500 € prize money.

6. Shipping the screening copy

Closing date for the screening copies is 15/09/2020. The cost of sending the demonstration copy will be borne by the submitter. Shipping address: Filmfestival SPITZiale e.V., Rahdener Straße 68, 32339 Espelkamp.

7. Return of the screening copy

Demonstration copies will only be returned upon express request.

8. Grants

Information on travel assistance or accommodation during the festival will be posted on the festival website by 15/08/2020 at the latest.

9. Legal information

Submission of the registration form will allow the public performance of the film. In addition, you agree to use the submitted entry for promotional purposes of the film festival (website, screenings, trailer creation, etc.). This also applies to the application of subsequent film festivals. The submitter assures that he is the owner of all rights of his film and hereby guarantees to have obtained all necessary rights for the production and comprehensive evaluation of the film. If third party rights are infringed by the public screening of the film subscription, the organizer is released from all claims. Any claims for damages must be accepted by the submitter.

Overall Rating
  • Pia Simon

    We are so glad to have participated in this Festival. The atmosphere is very familiary and we felt very welcomed. Furthermore the communication was absolutely perfect.

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Pia. It was great to have you on our festival and we hope to meet again this year!

  • Louis Louis

    Very unique and "personalized" festival with a truly caring team behind. Awesome breakfast opportunity and a delightful charm spread all over the small town. Indeed a very good selection of nominated films!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Louis! We are happy you liked it.

  • Jonas Steinacker

    Vielen Dank für das tolle Festival!. Besonders die große Gastfreundschaft der Espelkamper hat dieses Film Festival besonders gemacht. Die Filme waren alle auf einem hohen Niveau und man konnte sehr gut mit anderen Filmschaffenden netzwerken. Gerne wieder und liebe Grüße!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much Jonas!

  • Jonathan Behr

    The SPITZiale is a very intimate and special festival. As a filmmaker there is a networking breakfast every morning and the festival kindly provides you with private accommodations all over the town.
    Also the location and the festival team is simply great. I wish to go there next year again!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Jonathan! It was a pleasure to have you there.

    See you on the next one, it will be our fifth birthday then..;)

  • Alexander Conrads

    Great Festival with amazing film selection and a super nice festival team! Perfect example for why short film festivals can be an amazing experience!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Alexander. Always nice to see your name in the Submissions.