The Sparking Stars Program is an international support program for video arts, hosted by BY ART MATTERS 之馆. This year, the Sparking Stars Program will focus on discovering and cultivating outstanding animation artists.
The shortlisted works will be exhibited as an independent unit in the large-scale comprehensive exhibition n.3: Oasis Wandering, which will be held in the OōEli complex in June and July 2021. n.3: Oasis Wandering is an art project that includes a variety of independent units and activities such as fairs, workshops, screenings, concerts, etc. It arouses people's imagination and curiosity through the linkage of different art forms, so as to find a small oasis to protect hope and creativity in daily life.

Requirements of Submitted Works 
1. They should be animated works
2. There are no restrictions on animation genre and languages
3. The length should be less than 40 minutes
4. The completion time of the work should not be earlier than the 1st of January 2018
5. There are no restrictions on the age or nationality of the applicant

-Your submission must include the following info:
1. Link(s) to access the complete work on legitimate websites: e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, access to Baidu Netdisk, etc. The link(s) (and corresponding passwords) should be valid at least from the date you submit until 30th April 2021.
2. Your biography and/or CV, including your profile, contact information (email address, WeChat ID, etc.), in no more than two pages.
3. Support materials (optional) – a statement of your work (no more than 200 words); your portfolio and visuals (e.g. sketches, research process etc.) that can help us better understand your practice and visual language.
*Please include the above in one zip file, even if you submit more than one work. Please send the file to info@byartmatters.com with the following subject line: 2021_SPARKING STARS PROGRAM Application_Your name
Notes on Shortlisted Works
The shortlisted works will be announced via email before 1st April 2021. The SHORTLISTED applicant should provide materials that meet the following requirements (these will also be listed in the contacting email):
-Upload the full-size work file by WeTransfer, Dropbox, Baidu, Netdisk, etc. The quality should be no less than 1280x720 and the file size is preferably no more than 4GB. The file should be MOV/MP4/avi format to ensure the quality of the work.
-If the candidate does not reply to our email and fails to upload the effective full-size work file before 15th April 2021, the award could be cancelled.

About Us
BY ART MATTERS 之馆 is a contemporary art museum located in OōEli 天目里. Under the consultancy of director Francesco Bonami in curatorial activities, BY ART MATTERS 之馆 provides exhibition and publication opportunities for artists within the museum and across the OōEli 天目里 complex.
OōEli is located in Hangzhou, China. Designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, OōEli is a complex feature at a contemporary art museum and art residency programme, along with creative work, nature and lifestyle areas.
For more information about BY ART MATTERS 之馆, please visit www.byartmatters.com

-One Best Animation Award, with a prize of $700; BY ART MATTERS 之馆 will offer the Best Animation Award winner with an artist’s residency opportunity.
-One Outstanding Animation Award, with a prize of $700. 
-8 Finalist Awards, with a prize of $350.
*The bonus shall be deducted from tax according to law.
Awarded works will be showcased as the unit of the Sparking Star Program in n.3: Oasis Wandering. We will send the detailed exhibiting plan to shortlisted candidates.

The trailer and visual element of shortlisted works will be advertised on online platforms.

In addition to this, Outstanding artists could be invited to participate in other programs of our institution, from public art commissions to public programmes and other projects.

1. The applicant must own the copyright of the work. The applicant shall guarantee 100% ownership of the works and the right to play the film. All the pictures, music and credits used in the film need to obtain copyright in advance. If any plagiarism is found, BY ART MATTERS 之馆 reserves the right to disqualify the applicant. The applicant shall bear all losses to the organiser or the competition if it causes serious impact caused by the rights claimed by others.
2. Please ensure that the content of your work complies with relevant laws and regulations. No work shall contain any content that discriminates against or infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of others.
3. Participation in this program means that the applicant grants the organiser the right to screen and promote the works during the exhibition, including the use of stills as promotional materials. During the competition, the organising committee has the right to display and broadcast the entries in the media.
4. BY ART MATTERS 之馆 reserves the right to interpret this competition.