Son of a Pitch© Award is open to all short films done between January 2022 and 15 June 2023 on the topics of sustainable development ( and /or on 3 special category focused on Syria, on Turkey and the importance of territories: invisible territories, border territories and the territories of yesterday and tomorrow.
The aim is to transfer a personal and critical vision of the topics of sustainable development into the world of cinematographic narration.
The point of view of young people is relevant for their propensity for experimentation and innovative languages, for their capacity of a genuine, subjective and perspective reading of society.
-We will only accept short film made by directors under 30-

Within Son of a Pitch© AWARD, Save The Cut offers 9 awards:
All prizes will consist of a plaque of merit during the Venice Film Festival. The winners will be invited to participate at the award ceremony.
Below are the 9 different Awards (all the topics is ONLY ON Sustainability Development):
1. Son of a Pitch© Award - Best Short Film
2. Son of a Pitch© Award - Best Director
3. Son of a Pitch© Award - Future
4. Son of a Pitch© Award - Sustainability
5. Son of a Pitch© Award - Audience, given by a jury of Film School students
6. Son of a Pitch© Award - INTERCULTURAL for the most intercultural short film, assigned by Casa di Giorgia of Centro Astalli
7. Son of a Pitch© Award - Invisible Territories
8. Son of a Pitch© Award- Syria: only for a filmmaker from Syria
9. Son of a Pitch© Award- Turkey: only for a filmmaker from Turkey

Son of a Pitch© Award is the film award established by Save The Cut, a film production company founded in 2013, as part of the cultural project of promotion and diffusion of independent cinema with the registered brand Son of a Pitch©.

Entry conditions
The works must deal with themes related to sustainable development;
English subtitles, already imprinted on the video, for all non-Italian short films;
The directors of the works must have been born no later than 31 December 1993;
The maximum length of the work is 15 minutes including the final credits;
Short films made in live action, animation and documentary are eligible;
Works must have been produced between January 2022 and June 2023;
Works must be unpublished and they must not be available in their entirety publicly and online.

From 31 August to 9 September 2023 the winners of Son of a Pitch© Award will be able to participate in the award ceremony that will take place during the Venice International Film Festival 2022 at the Hotel Excelsior on the Venice Lido.
The official selection of the 20 finalists will be announced on 30 July 2023.
The official jury will announce the shortlist (three finalists per prize) on the 31th July 2023. On 7th of August 2023 the winners will be contacted and sign an embargo document: the winners will be announced during the Venice Film Festival.

Art. 5 - Material for promotion
It is compulsory for Son of a Pitch© Award winning films to display the Award logo according to the official graphics prepared and provided by Save The Cut, in the promotional materials that will be published after the award ceremony (playbill, trailer, etc.).
Short films, finalists and unranked but chosen by the jury, will participate in Son of a Pitch® Network." The Save the Cut® Network intends to introduce the films - and therefore the filmmakers - who will become part of the Son of a Pitch® Network to other entities in the film industry (producers, distributors, film commissions), to its own clients (private, public, etc.) or other entities, and thus create a network that fosters and increases professional opportunities for the talents it comes into contact with. To this end, Save the Cut® requests permission to show the film within private events to third party realities (Entities, Companies, Events, etc.) that request it, if they are interested, for example, in certain themes dealt with in the short film or as they come from a specific area of Italy or the world. Save the Cut® emphasizes and assures that since these are private screenings, this concession will not compromise in any world any festival path of the film.It is a means made available entirely free of charge by the Save the Cut® Society to promote the talent of the directors it considers most deserving and open them to new work opportunities. All this being said, the filmmaker hereby assigns to Save the Cut® the rights to dispose of his or her short film for private use and only for the purposes stated and specified above.

Art. 6 - General Rules
The judgement of juries is unquestionable.
The registration to the selections and the participation to Son of a Pitch© Award imply the full acceptance of every article of this regulation.

Overall Rating
  • Matteo Occhipinti

    Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di essere entrati nella selezione ufficiale del festival, questo ci ha permesso di conoscere personalmente le organizzatrici e partecipare all'evento di premiazione nel contesto del Festival del Cinema di Venezia del 2022!

    È stata un'esperienza ricca e formativa, il team di Son of a Pitch è stato formidabile, accogliente e sempre disponibile. Una fortuna averli potuti conoscere anche di persona, speriamo di rivederci in futuro per nuove avventure.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Grazie a te e a Jari Brontesi, il regista di Plasticene finalista per il premio del Pubblico. Per noi è stato bello avervi a Venezia! La nuova edizione sta partendo, vi aspettiamo

  • Vatanyar Pashtun

    I am really glad to be nominated 🫶🏼

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    It was also a great honor for us

  • Could be more communication for networking. That would be really helpful for indie filmmaker.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    You are right. We are preparing the Son of a Pitch Network. We will keep you updated on upcoming developments.
    Thank you

  • vanesa andor

    I had the honor of being nominalized and after further long process I had won not 1 but 2 categories (Publics Choice & Best Female Director). I am glad I had the chance of being part of such process and great festival. 10\10

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Having Spotlight in our award was a great honor. Thank you for your trust Vanesa!

  • Rotem Elkayam

    I was very happy to be part of this festival!
    Thank you for the awards.

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much dear Rotem. It is a pleasure to receive your film