SIFCA - 15th to 30th September 2023

Set along the beautiful Greek Riviera, south of Athens, the Saronikos International Festival of Creative Arts (SIFCA) is a platform celebrating the diversity of craft and technical departments that come together within the film and TV industry to create the magic we see on screen.

We will hold various events around the Saronikos area from 15th till 30th September 2023. There will be: competitions, workshops, performances, screenings and other live events. Throughout the two weeks, fantastic professionals from many artistic disciplines and from all over the world will join us and let you into all their secrets with masterclasses and workshops in various fields.

SIFCA is organised by the 529 CLUB with the collaboration of the Women's International Group South (WIGS), Young Volunteers in Action and the support of the local Municipality. The 529 Club started in 2009 in Pinewood Studios in the UK as a monthly informal networking club for creative people in the UK Film & Media industry; it currently has 10.2k members globally. A big happy, creative family!

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Clubhouse @529ClubCreatives

LET BE S.M.A.R.T. Short Film OR Documentary Competition
(€1,000 for best film)

Short Film Screenplay (€750 for best script)

Film Design International Production Design competition (€750)

​​Lets be S.M.A.R.T. Short Film OR Documentary Competition

Film/Documentaries must be 15 minutes at maximum
(in English or with English subtitles).
Deadline: 10 September
Award to best short film or documentary €1,000

Let’s be S.M.AR.T. (, a charitable international organisation with a sanctuary in Greece, is proud to be part of the second SIFCA edition with the LET BE S.M.A.R.T. Competition.

The competition will focus on the relationship between humans and animals, with particular attention to stray animals, a global issue, but with specific problems and pros and cons depending on each country's culture, economics, environment and other factors. There are recurring issues and solutions: education, sterilisation, community involvement, local laws, and adoption.

Considering their organisation’s motto, "Think Globally, act locally", we invite filmmakers worldwide to submit a short documentary or film that analyses the relationship between humans and pets and/or issue of stray animals and maybe propose part of the solution to this problem.

Drawing on the creativity of filmmakers from different cultures and bringing together their works and perspectives, we are confident that we can help spark a constructive discussion that brings to light not only the stray's problems but perhaps solutions.

We will select 8 films, which will be screened at the second edition of SIFCA.

The winning film will be promoted both on the SIFCA & Lets be S.M.A.R.T. websites.

The Jury is composed of filmmakers Cindy ( and Rob Dorfmann (, Rosa Russo (, Christopher Kikis ( and sponsor Julie Kelly.


SIFCA Short Screenplay Competition

Screenplays must be a maximum of 11 pages, in English
Deadline: 10 September
Award to best screenplay €750

SIFCA welcomes unproduced short film screenplays with original stories and intriguing characters.

The best three scripts will be read by the 529 actors group on Clubhouse.

The Jury is composed of James Wootton (, Evette Vargas ( & Ny MaGee (

Film Design International Production Design competition
Digital image of set.
Deadline: 10 September
Award to best visualisation €750

SIFCA focus on all the crafts that contribute to the creation of a film. This year we want to start a new and unique competition, inviting Set Designers to create a proposal for a set according to the following brief:

A small run-down London student apartment shared by a girl and her cat, set on a top floor of a house. She is middle-class and studying Marine Biology.

The apartment should have a cooking area, a bed area & a place to work/study with a fireplace and a dormer window which has moonlight coming through.

Concerning the colours, the actor will wear mainly paisley; therefore, there shouldn’t be busy patterns on the walls and furniture!

The sketch should show books, plants, cups & saucers, and it should also keep in mind the camera POVs and the lighting points.

The proposal could be a rough plan, a planimetry, a drawing, a mood board, or all together. Be creative!

Jury Production Designer Terry Ackland-Snow (, Jane Grover (

Applicants understand that submission of their work allows the Festival and affiliated organisations to use their selected work for screening, education and publicity purposes related to the Festival.

The submission fee is not refundable.

If the film is selected for the Festival, the submitting party must bear all shipping and postage costs for all materials sent to and returned from SIFCA. Digital files are accepted.

The Festival cannot be liable for any damage or loss of the files submitted during shipping and screening.

The Festival is not responsible for any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, or royalty infringement related to the work.

The Festival will only use the films entered for the period of the competition.

The winning film will be promoted both on the SIFCA & Lets be S.M.A.R.T. websites.

Applicants may receive future correspondence from the Festival.