The 9th edition of SantangeloInCorto, short film festival, is organized by the Church Sant'Antonino Martire in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi in collaboration with the Oratorio Issa. The event will take place in August 2018 in Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi (AV). Place and times will be communicated with precision and adequate advance on our website.
The intent is to enhance, promote and disseminate the short film as an expressive form valid on the social and cultural level, to develop the potential of the artistic languages of new media; respond to the cultural growth needs of young emerging directors and give all talented filmmakers the greatest possible visibility.
The meeting with film directors and critics will frame the event.
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• Award for Best Short Film;
• Award to Best Director;
• Award to Best Screenplay;
• Award to Best Actor / Actress;
• Award for Best Original Music;
• Audience award.

I. Introduction

1. The subscriptions for the short film 'SantangeloInCorto' includes the acceptance of the following Rules and is to be understood as an agreement between the participants and the organization;

2. Participation is free and open to everyone;

3. You can participate individually or in groups.

II. Admission

1. The theme of short films is free. Participation is reserved for works in any language, provided that subtitled in Italian;

2. All participants will have to fill out the online Subscription form in the dedicated section online;

3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject works whose contents may be
Explicitly considered offensive to public morality and / or violating the rights of the individual or Any other rights of third parties;

4. Videos must not display either visibly recognizable trademarks, or third-party slogans not even the use of clandestine graphics or verbal messages outside the subject of the video;

5. Videos must not infringe any third party's copyright in any way or form;

6. They may not participate in the Work Contest which have commercial use, though free of charge;

7. The author of the work assumes full responsibility for the content and guarantees
the authorization of image use of the actors present in the film;

8. The previous participation in other national or international festivals does not preclude the participation in this contest;

9. Videos must have a minimum duration of 90 seconds and a maximum duration of 10 minutes (including titles);
10. Videos must have a minimum resolution of 1280x720 pixels;

11. Videos must be accompanied, during subscriptions, by the synopsis of shortfilm and by a cover image that represents it (JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF files are allowed).

III. Participation

1. Personal data will be collected and processed only for organizational purposes;

2. The participant authorizes the processing of his / her personal data in relation to participation in the Contest (pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 of the Italian legal system);

3. The author of the work authorizes the publication of the work on the website and on its social pages, and at the same time authorizes its eventual dissemination and / or public reproduction for purposes promotional or, in any case, in the subsequent initiatives linked to the 'SantangeloInCorto' show.

IV. Delivery

1. Participating videos must be received by the Organizing Committee no later than
July 20th 2018 by filling out the registration form;

2. Copies sent for pre-selection will be included in the Archive of the Contest (any expenditure incurred to participate in the pre-selection is borne by the participant).

V. Preselection

1. Among all the works received within the deadline, the Selection Committee of the 'SIC - SantangeloInCorto' will designate the works that will take part in the ninth edition of the Contest;

2. All members will receive notification of the official selection by email before the start
Official of the competition, and hence before the short film projection night, in August.

VI. Final Stages
The short films selected will participate in the Final Steges of the Contest, competing to the victory of Awards provided for:

• Award for Best Short Film;
• Award to Best Director;
• Award to Best Screenplay;
• Award to Best Actor / Actress;
• Award for Best Original Music;
• Audience award.

Moreover, the short films that will have access to the Final Stages of the contest, will be screened during the closing evening of the Short Film Festival
"SIC - SantangeloInCorto, IX Edition", at the theater of the historical center of Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi (AV), in August 2018 (the exact date is being defined and will be communicated early).

VII. Jury
For the awarding of prizes, short films will be evaluated and judged by a qualified jury during the final evening of the contest. The Best Short Film will receive an award of
300 €, by bank transfer.

Overall Rating