SEIFF remains a live event.

"In all my years of going to festivals I've never been to one with such a consistently strong programme. When a film is screened at SEIFF you know it's something special." Ada Vaughan, Producer

"The festival was a revelation. The scope and quality of films, workshops and networking opportunities were truly splendid. It's busy, it's exciting, it's thrilling. Organised to a fine detail, the SEIFF is a filmmaker's dream. One of the best in the UK." Dave Gilbank, Polterheist


SEIFF is a true celebration of independent film which brings together filmmakers, film shakers and the movie-going public in a warm, convivial environment.

With a focus on increasing opportunity for independent filmmakers, SEIFF looks to promote and exhibit exceptional work by creatives from around the globe and help them make valuable connections - while increasing the audience for their work. SEIFF is more than just a film festival, it's an unforgettable experience for all involved, making SEIFF an essential industry event.

SEIFF is an IMDB listed event and all award-winners will be listed on IMDB with an accompanying review.


SEIFF presents a diverse programme of only the highest quality independent feature films, animation, documentaries and short films from all around the world.

SEIFF looks to make important discoveries of upcoming directors, actors, writers and all those involved in the filmmaking process, ensuring it’s a renowned and valued platform for both undiscovered talent and respected industry peers alike.

Our key objective is for SEIFF to be seen as a mark of quality and a SEIFF award to be a stamp of recognition and true validation.

With a large number of exceptional films being made that struggle to gain attention but deserve to be seen by critics, agents, peers and film lovers, SEIFF aims to bring to the festival the most superlative and creative films. SEIFF prioritises making the festival an attractive destination for agents, critics, investors and other career-makers.

The festival includes networking, Q&As, screenings, social events and special guests.

Our closing annual red carpet awards ceremony, gives recognition to the best talent in front of and behind the camera with a gala ceremony open to filmmakers and the public.


SEIFF is particularly keen to promote the work of women filmmakers and includes a special award for women directors. Women directors in all film categories are eligible.


The annual red carpet awards event rewards excellence in the following categories with all submissions judged by a panel divided equally between industry professionals and local filmgoers to ensure a wholly fair and balanced critical process:

Best documentary
Best animated film
Best director
Best female director
Acting performance in a leading role
Acting performance in a supporting role
Sound Design
Original score
Best comedy short
Best international short
People's Choice
Best foreign short

The festival reserves the right to add awards where it deems a film or individual warrants special merit or remove awards where no deserving winner has been found. All films are screened on merit only and all awards presented to deserving recipients only.

All films, scripts and screenplays officially selected will receive the festival's Official Selection laurels to display on any artwork. Award winners will receive awards laurels and a trophy.


All official selections will receive two free festival passes and two tickets to the red carpet awards ceremony, as well as an invitation to the networking party with the judging panel and other industry alumni. Any additional team members wishing to attend will be required to purchase a festival pass and closing ceremony tickets.


Trophies will be presented at the closing awards ceremony. Trophies will be sent at the festival's expense to any winners not able to attend.


All films officially selected will be screened at the festival and will be featured in the printed festival brochure. A complimentary copy of the festival brochure will be given to all team members at the festival or sent to the representative of each film, script, or screenplay featured in the brochure as officially selected for those unable to attend.


Satisfied Eye International Film Festival (SEIFF) accepts:

Feature films, short films, animated films, documentaries, and foreign language films.

To be considered a feature, a live action fiction film must be at least 65 minutes and an animated feature at least 40 minutes - including titles.

To be considered a short, a live action or animated fiction film must be no longer than 35 minutes - including titles.

To be considered for the documentary awards, the completed feature-length documentary must be at least 45 minutes long and a short no longer than 44 minutes.

Only films completed after 1 January 2018 will be considered for competitive sections.

Films which have screened at other festivals ARE eligible for consideration.

Films in a language other than English MUST include subtitles in English, embedded. Separate subtitle files such as .srt are not eligible.

SEIFF does not pay screening fees. As a competitive festival, the entire event is a level playing field and therefore films with a distributor attached who require a screening fee ARE NOT eligible.

Due to the number of submissions received we are unable to give individual feedback on films.


Submissions must include:

Submission fees paid through FilmFreeway

All required fields on online platform plus the following documents submitted via FilmFreeway:

Synopsis (in English)

4 high resolution stills from the film

Full cast and credits list

Official film poster

Online screener (with English subtitles if in another language)


SEIFF only accepts online screeners via FilmFreeway for the selection panel to view.


If selected, successful applicants must make a high quality screening version available to the festival. Depending on the format, this must be a downloadable online file (via Vimeo, WeTransfer or Dropbox).


All payments and fees for submissions must be paid through the online submission process. SEIFF does not accept any mailed payments.

Absolutely no refunds.


Upon acceptance as an Official Selection entry at the SEIFF, each participant is required to comply with the following:

All Official Selections must submit a suitable screening version
All screening and supporting material must be available for download or physically at the festival office by 25 August 2021.


By entering the SEIFF, applicants agree that the organisers of the festival are granted the right to utilize any excerpt from any film submitted for exhibition at the festival for promotional purposes and to use any stills in promotional material including posters and programmes.


By submitting to SEIFF through FilmFreeway, applicants are deemed to have accepted and in effect 'signed' and subscribed to the following:

- I have read, understood, and complied with all eligibility and submission requirements.
- All the statements and documents provided are authentic and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
- In consideration for the selection opportunity into the SEIFF, I release and discharge the SEIFF from any and all claims, demands, or causes of actions related to misappropriation or infringement of copyright or violation of any other right arising from or relating to my submission hereunder.
- I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the SEIFF from any claims that arise as a result of my film submission or screening of my film (upon selection) or my screenplay as well as from damage to or loss of any submitted documents or materials en route to the festival.
- I have all rights necessary and am duly authorized to submit this film and/or screenplay to the SEIFF.
- I understand, as the authorized and responsible representative of my selected film and/or screenplay, any prize awarded to the selected film and/or screenplayis to be received by me or any other singular, official representative of the selected film and/or screenplay.
- I understand that the SEIFF may disqualify and reject any submission that it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, is not in compliance, in whole or in part, with the mentioned Terms.
- I understand that SEIFF reserves the right, in the exceptional circumstances that the judging panel considers no film to have met the required standard in any awards category, not to present an award.
- I understand that the SEIFF does not issue any form of refund to any selected screenplay and film regardless of circumstances.
- In the event that an award winner does not contact us within 14 days of our closing awards ceremony SEIFF reserves the right to transfer the award to the next most suitable candidate.

Overall Rating
  • Alireza Kazemipour

    If you have made a movie, SEIFF is the best destination to screen it as a world premiere. I am humbled to be part of it with my short film "The Blue Bed". They are truly amazing and are incredibly responsive and hands on.
    Chris is one of the best festival managers that I have ever known. I am sure this festival will grow up very fast and receive the BAFTA or Oscar-qualifying very soon. Actually, they deserved it.

    December 2020
  • Loved it. We were lucky enough to have two films in this year, and while it was heartbreaking not to be able to be there with the movie, I'm so glad we got to play in a live theater. Great lineup of films, well curated, run by true mover lovers. Looking forward to submitting next year! Highly recommend.

    November 2020
  • David Dybeck

    SEIFF is a wonderful festival!
    I loved the overall selection of films and Chris Hastings is a wonderful host and director! Personal, friendly and very professional.
    I hope to come back soon with my next film!

    October 2020
  • Aleksandra Skowron

    Absolutely amazing experience, I highly recommend to everyone who will be able to appear at the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival. Due to Covid, we could send our representatives only (who’re living in London), but they were delighted. The unique Award ceremony is a show of the extraordinary personality of the festival's director Chris Hastings. Thank you for the warm welcome, thank you for the awards, and most of all for the Jury Prize. Jaws dropped because of the verdict but even more because of the beautiful, one of the most touching justifications of the Jury. Whenever anyone of you will have the opportunity, you MUST appear on the Satisfied Eye. Preferably every year.

    October 2020
  • Tasha Williams

    Couldn't have asked for a better experience with Satisfied Eye. The staff were really welcoming and friendly, keeping me up to date on all information regarding my film. This was the first live screening of our film as most film festivals have run online due to COVID 19 but the level of professionalism SE showed throughout was fantastic. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the festival but Chris provided me with so much information I felt like I had been there. Will definitely be submitting future films and really looking forward to the festival next year.

    October 2020