Now accepting local short and feature narrative and documentary films, webisodes, music videos, commercials from San Diego based student and professional/independent filmmakers for the third annual San Diego Film Week and the 6th Annual San Diego Film Awards!

The 3rd Annual San Diego Film Week is a 10-day-long celebration of film in America's Finest City. Over 100 local, national and international films will be showcased along with workshops, parties and panels. Showcasing a variety of local films as well as "best-of" selections from San Diego's diverse film festivals. It is being held in April of 2019 in various venues locations across San Diego County.

The 2019 San Diego Film Week culminates with the 6th Annual San Diego Film Awards.

San Diego Film Week highlights:

Screenings from over a dozen local film festivals
Over 100 films produced in San Diego's Film Industry
Workshops and Panels
"Emerging Filmmakers Exhibition"
"Film Market" featuring workshops, investors and distributors looking for feature film and television content.
Preview Night and Opening Red Carpet Gala featuring A- List Acting Awards and Live Announcement of 2019 San Diego Film Awards Nominations

San Diego Film Awards Highlights:

Academy Awards Style Awards Show
Red Carpet and Interviews
VIP Opening Reception
Guest Stars and Presenters
27 Awards in 4 categories for Film Awards eligible films
Televised on local station


Narrative Shorts (under 45 minutes)
Documentary Shorts (under 45 minutes)
Documentary Features (over 45 minutes)
Narrative Features (over 45 minutes)
Commercials (30 or 60 seconds)
PSA's (30 or 60 seconds)
Music Videos (under 5 minutes)
Art/Experimental Films (under 45 minutes)
Trailers (under 3 minutes)
Webisodes (any length)
TV Shows (under 60 minutes)
Animation (any length)
*Oldies but Goodies (any length)- an old film you made prior to the year 2005
*My First Film (any length)- one of your first films

Narrative Shorts (under 45 minutes)
Documentary Shorts (under 45 minutes)
Commercials (30 or 60 seconds)
PSA's (30 or 60 seconds)
Music Videos (under 5 minutes)

NOTE: Commercials/PSA's, Trailers, Music Videos and some Documentaries that are selected for film week may not screen in a theater, we are looking for other and better avenues for non narrative films. If you have questions about this please email us at

We love recognizing and awarding talent! We have various opportunities to win awards and be recognized for your work.


Best Comedy
Best Horror/Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller
Best Drama
Best Sketch Comedy/Webisode
A-List Acting Award
Audience Choice Awards
Screenwriting Competition
Best Trailer
Best "Oldie but Goodie"


Narrative Short Film
Best Narrative Short
Best Direction
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Sound Design
Best Musical Score
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup and Hair
Best Visual Effects
Best Production Design
Best Stunt Choreography
Spirit of San Diego
Best Actor (in a leading role)
Best Actress (in a leading role)
Best Actor (in a supporting role)
Best Actress (in a supporting role)
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Sketch Comedy/Webisode
Best Narrative Student film

Feature Film
Best Narrative Feature
Best Documentary Feature

Best Animated film

Music Video
Best Music Video

Documentary Short
Best Documentary Short

Web Series
Best Web Series

Honorary Awards
Women in Film
Diversity in Film
Lifetime Achievement
Binational Award

PLEASE NOTE: Each category must have a minimum of 3 submissions in order to remain as an award category. If a category is cancelled the film will be eligible for the following year's awards. Films from cancelled categories will not be refunded.

Films produced after January 1, 2015 are eligible for inclusion in San Diego Film Week.
Locally produced films released between January 1, 2018 and December 1st 2018 are ALSO eligible for the San Diego Film Awards.
*All submitted films must be 80% produced in San Diego County (not including Binational Award submissions)
*Submissions to the Oldie but Goodie and My First Film categories are exempt from the January 1, 2015 release date requirement.
*Film Consortium San Diego reserves the right to disqualify any films at any time in the awards process for violations of misconduct, plagiarism, etc.


Narrative Short (animation and live action) (under 10 minutes)
Documentary Short (under 10 minutes)
Commercials (30 or 60 seconds)
PSA's (30 or 60 seconds)


SAN DIEGO FILM WEEK ELIGIBILITY: Films released after January 1, 2015 and produced in San Diego county utilizing 80% cast, crew and locations from San Diego are eligible for the 2018 San Diego Film Week.

SAN DIEGO FILM AWARDS ELIGIBILITY: Films released between January 1, 2018 and December 1, 2018 and produced in San Diego County utilizing 80% cast, crew and locations from San Diego are eligible for the 2018 San Diego Film Awards in both student and professional categories.

STUDENT FILMS ELIGIBILITY: Student films must have been produced for an official college level or high school level class or workshop in order to be eligible for awards in student category.

Our judging model is a hybrid of community and professional voting. No individual votes on a film they were apart of in any way.


An internal advisory team reviews all the submissions and scores them based on three criteria:

Sound Quality, Production Value and Story/Script.

Films with the highest scores are selected for screenings until all time slots are filled during San Diego Film Week. Films screened during the San Diego Film Week that meet all criteria for the San Diego Film Awards remain eligible for Round 1 of Judging for the San Diego Film Awards.

Additional films may remain in consideration at the discretion of the Advisory team even if there is not time to screen the film at San Diego Film Week. After this round, about 60% of submitted films have historically remained under consideration for the San Diego Film Awards.

Round 1 of SDFA judging: December 2017


The community judging round is invaluable as it allows our film community to be the judge of what the "best" films are in our own community. Nominations for the film awards are decided during this round. This year, former film award winners and nominees will be the judges for our community judging round. They will determine the nominees that move on to our jury. No more than 5 films will be announced as nominees for any one award.

Round 2 of judging: September 2018- January 2019


Once the community has brought forward their nominees, it's time to decide the winners. 60% of our 2018 judges live outside of San Diego and are not connected directly to filmmakers, cast or crew in our region.

Judges include film festival programmers, film educators and professors, film critics and experienced film producers. Multiple judges watch the nominated films and vote on the winners. The films with the most votes for their respective categories will win the award. Ties are not allowed. In the case where the scores are tied, the film will be passed on to additional judges to break the tie.

All submission fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

For questions please email