SAYEN AWARDS is organized every year as part of the promotion of quality works presented by professionals of art and culture in the field of Cinema, music, fashion, dance, documentary, and animation. SAYEN AWARDS CEREMONY is a professional space of reward for cinematographic, musical, cultural and audiovisual merits. It is also a place for meetings and exchange between professionals from the cinema, music, art, culture and audiovisual fields. Many opportunities for ambitious talents.

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Music video
Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Documentary Short
Best Animation
Best Art
Best Student Movie
Best Fashion designer
Best Dance)
Best Directing
Best Writing
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Cinematography
Best Costume
Best Makeup

Entry fees are non-refundable.

Multiple entries are allowed for each participant and each entry may be entered into multiple categories.

1- Registration and Eligibility

SAYEN AWARDS is exclusively reserved for professional work worldwide. All films, series, anime/animation, or documentaries submitted must be in English. All films in another language must have a subtitled version in English.

2- Selection
Any work registered and selected for the competition can not be submitted twice. trailers of selected works will be available on the Festival website.
The selection committee reserves the right to select the works that will be screened for the SAYEN AWARDS as well as the artists who will perform on the stage.

3- Communication- Broadcasting
By applying, You authorize SAYEN AWARDS, free of charge, to broadcast on terrestrial, digital, cable, satellite, and ADSL television channels, as well as on Internet sites, excerpts of works nominated for the ceremony. These excerpts can not exceed 10% of the total length. All nominees are required to send the material...

4- Transport
All shipping should be customs cleared and shipping fees are the responsibility of the participants.
Any package sent to the SAYEN AWARDS must imperatively have been paid the full cost of transport and any customs duties and taxes. Otherwise, SAYEN AWARDS reserves the right to refuse the package.
SAYEN assumes no liability for misdirection or damage resulting from transport and can not be held responsible for damage resulting from the poor condition of the copies. No complaint concerning the state of the projection media or submitted files, their loss, or their malfunction will be taken into account.

5- Visa and stay
Visa fees and journeys are the responsibility of the participants.
SAYEN will send by email a confirmation mail to all nominated participants no later than 5 months prior to the SAYEN AWARDS event. This pack is not transferable to a third party. However, the US Embassy reserves the right to grant or deny the visa to the participant. Kindly contact us if the invitation mail is not received, no later than 3 months before the event date.

6. Usage Rights
By applying, you declare and guarantee that you hold or have acquired all the rights and necessary authorizations for the participation of the work submitted to SAYEN AWARDS as well as the uses granted to SAYEN under this by-law. As such, you guarantee SAYEN AWARDS against any trouble, claim, eviction, and any action of any third party on any grounds whatsoever. You will take responsibility for any damages and all costs, including those related to the legal proceedings (fees and expenses, disbursements, expert fees, etc ...) and those relating to any measure of execution, which SAYEN would have to pay at the end, either of a judicial decision accompanied by the provisional execution, or of a transaction signed with the plaintiff to the action. Where necessary, it is recalled that the failure to hold all the rights and authorizations necessary for the participation of works in the SAYEN AWARDS, as well as the uses granted to SAYEN as referred to in this article, submits to you the criminal and civil penalties provided by law.
All participants guarantee that by using the film in the context of this agreement, no rights of third parties, including persons depicted in the film, are infringed.

7- Jury
The Jury consists of personalities from the world of culture, directors, actors, choreographers, comedians, artists musicians, documentalists, graphic designers, scriptwriters, and fashion designers all renowned.
The Jury is impartial and its verdict is irrevocable.
the works are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 according to the following criteria:

9- Miscellaneous

Participation in the event implies unreserved acceptance of the terms of these rules. The SAYEN AWARDS office or its representative reserves the right to cancel the registration. and take any other appropriate measures in the event of non-compliance with the terms of the regulations or an attitude contrary to the proper conduct of the event. For all litigation

10- Cancellation
SAYEN AWARDS reserves the right to cancel the event, or change the date or the venue of the ceremony in the case of a major problem beyond its control and in this case, any registration fees paid by the participants will be fully reimbursed and they will be notified by email.

Overall Rating
  • We are very happy that Sayad Capello's documentary was nominated for an award at the prestigious Saeyn Festival. Thank you for inviting us to participate in the festival with an official invitation. Unfortunately, due to the difficult conditions of obtaining an American visa, we were unable to participate in the festival. You were great. Please post the results of the festival Leave a site, thank you

    March 2024
  • Khalid Khan

    As good as its name, "SAYEN" means "Reward" in ancient Cameroonian language "Shümom". SAYEN FESTIVAL is known for its superb networking, signature hospitality, speedy communication and stylistic quality. The splendid jury and super fine venue with star-studded ceremony make it stand out in the international film festival circuit!

    February 2024
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your wonderful review of SAYEN FESTIVAL! It's great to hear that the event lives up to its name and your review is truly appreciated.