Stereoscopy and cinema are old mates: not only the very first photographic experiments with movement were made with stereoscopic images, but also some early film directors were keen stereo photographers!

The 2021 online edition of the International Conference on Stereo & Immersive Media (S&I Media) is proud to acknowledge and promote these historical ties by launching an S3D Short Film Festival that will include a group of 3D cinema experts on its selection committee:

- Almir Almas, director of the Cinema, Radio and TV Department, University of São Paulo.
- Ana Isabel Soares, Research Center in Arts and Communication, University of Algarve
- Eric Kurland, director of LA 3-D Movie Festival and 3-D SPACE
- Esther Jacopin, Script supervisor, 3D researcher
- François Serre, Director of Courant3D Festival and President of «Prenez du relief»
- Manuel José Damásio, Director of Film and Media Arts Department, Lusofona University
- Victor Fajnzylber, Director of VR-LAB, University of Chile

Our call for S3D short films is open until the 2nd of May. We invite international film directors to submit films that explore and highlight the immersive features of stereoscopic technologies.

Films MUST be submitted in either anaglyph or “half side-by-side".

Criteria for 3D film submissions:

Works should not exceed 30 minutes and must feature English subtitles where appropriate.

They must have been completed after January 1st 2018.
They can be submitted in either anaglyph or “half side-by-side”.
Technical specifications:
MPEG-4 videos, H.264 codec
Resolution: 1080 HD (1920×1080), 16:9 aspect ratio.
Frame rate: though 25 fps is preferred, we will accept films at 24, 25 or 30 fps
Audio: 2-channels stereo audio, encoded in AAC codec at 320 kb/s, 48 kHz

All films should be accompanied by:
– Synopsis (no more than 250 words)
– Biography of the director (no more than 150 words)

Applications should be submitted via Wetransfer, Filetransfer or FTP to