Live Entertainment, LLC, Russia in co-operation with EVENT FILM, Canada proudly present an annual Russian event – Russian International Horror Film Festival & Awards "DROP" (Российский международный кинофестиваль остросюжетного кино и хоррор фильмов «КАПЛЯ»).

The festival is being annually held in the city of Moscow in late March since the year 2011 and contains 4 events:

- press conference

- awards ceremony

- master-classes and Q&A with movie stars

- film festival competition program screenings

The Awards ceremony takes place in a big concert venue (changing every year) and consists of the show program and the awards ceremony which is divided into 3 national voting categories:

- awards granted to local film distribution companies for the blockbusters shown on a big screen in the reported year;

- awards granted to young directors and producers as competition program. The category is called “Hope for Survival”;

- awards granted to World stars for the contribution to horror genre

The Awards ceremony is always visited and recorded by a large number of mass media.

The Master-class is a so-called Q&A horror convention held in a cinema-theatre in a form of a question-answer conference between the star guests of the festival and the audience + autograph session. The event usually ends with a premier film screening.

The festival program is a week non-stop screening of new and old horror movies on a big screen in several Moscow cinema-theatres. The films-participants of the festival are being selected by the Awards jury. Films are being accepted by the Awards organisators during the whole year.

The Awards schedule usually also contains a pre-party and an after-party arranged for the honored guests and winners.

The TV version of the Awards is televised by TV1000 VIASAT and other partnerin TV channels.

The Awards specializes in all sub-genres of horror film industry, i.e.: cartoon horror, comedy horror, psychological thriller, trash horror, zombie horror etc. Starting from 2013 the Awards also specializes in survival horror video games sphere.

The Awards is annually visited by World-known honored guests. The former guests were:

- World star Eric Roberts,

- Horror films of 80's stars: Stuart Gordon and Bryan Yuzna,

- “Silent Hill” and “Tideland” super star actress Jodelle Ferland,

- “SAW” series stars Costas Mandyllor & Tobin Bell,

- TROMA hero Lloyd Kaufman,

- Japanese World famous composer and producer Akira Yamaoka,

- Italian directors of modern horror movies known for “Screamers” and other works – Marco Ristori and Luca Boni,

- Indian model, international actress, beauty princess and participant of Oscar Awards Preity Uupala,

- Norwegian actor of “Dead Snow” Yeppe Laursen

- Norwegian actress of “THALE” Silje Reinaamo

- American composer Daniel Licht

- Finnish director of “SAUNA” A.J. Annila

- Shoreline Entertainment manager Zachary Gleuck

- Russian soviet star Leonid Kuravlev

- Oliver Robins

- Corbin Bernsen

- Lauren Esposito

- John Kassir

- James Russell

- Mick Garris

- Shawn Hall

- Liesl Ahlers

- Kyle Catlett

- Lina Leandersson

- Richard Cutting

- Helen Crevel

...and many others

A great number of star-winners also send their exclusive video messages rotated on a big screen during the ceremony.

A more detailed information can be found on the English version of our web site and in Google engine.

Precious awards statue and diploma + valuable sponsor gifts + guaranteed commercial distribution from the online cinema theatre House of Disaster (HoD) TV + promo publication on InkTip cinema platform with direct contacts of hundreds of film producers

Applicants should submit a film to participate in the festival. In case the film is approved by the directors board, the applicant pays a submission fee of 100 USD (for a feature film) or 50 USD (for a short film) . In this case the film will be screened at the fest and will take part in the contest.

Overall Rating
  • Judson Vaughan

    Fantastic to be an official selection of the Russian International Horror Film Festival were our film BURN was a finalist, amongst top quality films. Such a good, well organized fest with a large cult following, as well as friendly communication back and fourth, not to mention prompt. An honor for us, so exciting to have our Russian Premiere here. Thank You! We'll be back.

    May 2019
  • Soren Juul Petersen

    I had a great time in Moscow with Victor and his team. Great Q&A with the rest of my fellow filmmakers and a good bunch of acting students -But the highligt was undoubtedly the Award show. Really an entertaining and joyful experience - and a 1.000 thanks for awarding FINALE best feature film...

    April 2019
  • Diana Galimzyanova

    A really nice festival ran by good people. I'm grateful for the opportunity to screen my debut feature "The Lightest Darkness" in the movie theater.

    April 2019
  • I'd highly recommend this festival. Unfortunately, we couldn't attend as we are UK based but the communication from start to finish from Victor was excellent and we still felt part of everything that was happening, and we were also delighted that our film The Ballad of a Haunted Man was a semi-finalist for Best Short Horror. Thanks to the whole team!

    April 2019
  • Great festival with a lot of awesome guests and events all along the festival ! I'm very happy my short was screened and semi-finalist this year and I wish I'll have the occasion to physically go next time !

    April 2019