Live Entertainment, LLC in co-operation with EVENT FILM, Canada proudly present an annual festival event – International Horror Film Festival & Awards "DROP".

The festival is being annually held in the city of Moscow since the year 2011 and contains 4 events:

- press conference

- awards ceremony

- master-classes and Q&A with movie stars

- film festival competition program screenings

The Awards ceremony takes place in a big concert venue (changing every year) and consists of the show program and the awards ceremony which is divided into the following jury voting categories:

- awards granted to local film distribution companies for the blockbusters shown on a big screen in the reported year;

- awards granted to young directors and producers as competition program. The category is called “Hope for Survival”;

- awards granted to World stars for the contribution to horror genre

The Awards ceremony is always visited and recorded by a large number of mass media.

The Master-class is a so-called Q&A horror convention held in a cinema-theatre in a form of a question-answer session between the star guests of the festival and the audience + autograph session. The event usually ends with a premier film screening.

The festival program is a week non-stop screening of new and old horror movies on a big screen in several Moscow cinema-theatres. The films-participants of the festival are being selected by the festival’s jury. Films are being accepted by the Awards organisators during the whole year.

The Awards schedule usually also contains a pre-party and an after-party arranged for the honored guests and winners.

The TV version of the Awards is televised by TV-3 federal TV channel and other partnerin TV channels.

The Awards specializes in all sub-genres of horror film industry, i.e.: cartoon horror, comedy horror, psychological thriller, trash horror, zombie horror, suspense, detective, sci-fi etc. Starting from 2013 the festival also specializes in survival horror video games sphere.

The Awards is annually visited by World-known honored guests. The former guests were:

- World star Eric Roberts,

- Horror films of 80's stars: Stuart Gordon and Bryan Yuzna,

- “Silent Hill” and “Tideland” super star actress Jodelle Ferland,

- “SAW” series stars Costas Mandyllor & Tobin Bell,

- TROMA hero Lloyd Kaufman,

- Japanese World famous composer and producer Akira Yamaoka,

- Italian directors of modern horror movies known for “Screamers” and other works – Marco Ristori and Luca Boni,

- Indian model, international actress, beauty princess and participant of Oscar Awards Preity Uupala,

- Norwegian actor of “Dead Snow” Yeppe Laursen

- Norwegian actress of “THALE” Silje Reinaamo

- American composer Daniel Licht

- Finnish director of “SAUNA” A.J. Annila

- Shoreline Entertainment manager Zachary Gleuck

- Russian soviet star Leonid Kuravlev

- Oliver Robins

- Corbin Bernsen

- Lauren Esposito

- John Kassir

- James Russell

- Mick Garris

- Shawn Hall

- Liesl Ahlers

- Kyle Catlett

- Lina Leandersson

- Richard Cutting

- Helen Crevel

- Javier Botet


...and many others

A great number of star-winners also send their exclusive video messages rotated on a big screen during the ceremony.

A more detailed information can be found on the English version of our web site and in Google engine.

Precious awards statue and diploma + valuable sponsor gifts + guaranteed commercial distribution from the online cinema theatre House of Disaster (HoD) TV and from TV-3 tv channel + promo publication on InkTip cinema platform with direct contacts of hundreds of film producers
The monetary prize for the main winner is 10 000 USD

Applicants should submit a film to participate in the festival. The submission fee makes up 100 USD (for a feature film) or 50 USD (for a short film) . If a film is accepted, it will be screened in the cinema theatre as part of the competition program.

Overall Rating
  • Xanthe Pajarillo

    It was a pleasure having Thrall be a part of the festival. Victor was very kind to send a personal invitation to the event, and I wish we could have been able to go. Looking forward to future ones.

    October 2021
  • Thank you Russian International Horror Film Awards for screening our Belaban Hidup movie in Moscow, really appreciate for the official selection. Proud to be part of your festival- Ray Lee film director.

    September 2021
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team.

    September 2021
  • max willocx

    Great festival. Very personal and direct communication with the festival director.
    Sorry I couldn’t be there...

    September 2021
  • Sherif Elsalamony

    Very professional and one of the best in the world

    September 2021