REEF is an event combining cinema, nature, and rural life through screening films that address rural issues and concerns, in addition to workshops for producing short films. In parallel to the screenings, participants get acquainted with the nature of the area, its people, and their customs.

- Selected films screened at the 6th edition of REEF.
- Cash prizes awarded by an esteemed jury.
- Audience award via public voting.

- Competition funds support Fire-watch Bridge in Akkar district, Lebanon.

Rules and Regulations:
2. Embrace the core themes of biodiversity, diversity, and the intricate human experience.
3. An entry fee of $10 for international submissions,
4. Arab filmmakers are graciously invited to contribute to this international showcase with complimentary submissions.
6. All genres are welcomed, excluding reportage-style films.
7. Filmmakers must ensure the absence of explicit content that may be deemed inappropriate for a discerning and diverse audience.
8. All entries must be submitted in high-resolution digital format, adhering to the professionalism synonymous with our competition.
9. Submissions will be meticulously judged on cinematography, narrative strength, and the ability to evoke profound emotion and/or intellectual engagement while staying true to the BIO-Human-Diversity theme.

Overall Rating
  • Pieter De Vos

    Very communicative, via email and via socials. Nice experience

    September 2023
  • Majd Khalil

    Lovely experience, wonderful people
    Had an amazing time

    September 2022