The Rung Film Festival (RFF) is an exciting first for Houston, Texas. The Urdu word “Rung” means “Color.” Color is our visual interpretation of how light reflects off surfaces, and “Color” is that portion of the visible spectrum of light reflected back from a surface. Similarly, films have the power to reflect the light from the characters of color that have never been exposed and deliver their own interpretation.

The festival aspires to play a crucial role in enhancing representation, promoting diversity, connecting creatives, and contributing to a more inclusive and equitable film industry across Texas and beyond. RFF is open to all filmmakers, strongly supporting marginalized filmmakers of Pakistani-American Heritage, challenging stereotypes, and offering a platform for dialogue to empower minority communities.

RFF plans to feature actors and industry professionals from film, media, and related artistic disciplines who share insights and knowledge, give feedback to participating filmmakers, and inform the general audience. RFF is excited to offer monetary rewards and opportunities for educational initiatives such as workshops, panels, and interactive discussions during the festival and throughout the year.

Rung Film Festival is a part of the Indus Arts Council's programming.

Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Narrative/Documentary
Grand Jury Award for Best Short Narrative/Documentary
Grand Jury Award for Best Student Narrative/Documentary

Grand Jury Prize includes exclusive in-person networking opportunities, 1-1 meetings with producers, festival organizers, cash awards, trophies, and gift certificates

Honorable Mention for Best Feature Narrative/Documentary
Honorable Mention for Best Short Narrative/Documentary
Honorable Mention for Best Student Film Narrative/Documentary

Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Narrative/Documentary
Audience Choice Award for Best Short Narrative/Documentary
Audience Choice Award for Best Student Film Narrative/Documentary

1. All filmmakers are eligible to participate as long as the cast or crew member of the film includes at least 1 individual of Pakistani heritage (from any country)
2. A minimum of 2 Urdu language sentences in the script, scene, song, and/or as part of the background score.
3. Films must be completed within the last three years, from 2020 - 2023.

Submission Format: RFF will only accept digital submissions through All submissions must include the film title, director's name, duration, and any additional materials requested.

Submission Fee: RFF requires a fee for each submission. Fees increase closer to the entry deadline. Submission fees are nonrefundable Refer to "Categories & Fees" section.
In-person attendance at the Rung Film Fest and Awards is encouraged (RFF is tentatively planned for May 2024 in Houston, Texas).

Deadlines: Refer to "Categories & Fees" section.

Language and Subtitles: Films with audio recorded in a language other than English must provide English subtitles when submitting the films.

Rights and Permissions: Submissions must have rights and permissions for all content in the film, including music, images, and other copyrighted media. RFF may ask for proof of clearance during the submission process.

Supporting Materials: RFF may request additional materials such as a director's statement, synopsis, stills, banners, social media tags, or a trailer. It is recommended that submissions include these materials in the required format to enhance the chances of selection.

Privacy Policy:
We at Rung Film Festival (RFF) are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Your submission authorizes RFF to use, distribute, and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis, and movie stills on our social media.