Royal Bafokeng Institute Art Competition 2023 ‘The Art of Inclusion’ is a celebration of the borderless human consciousness, the boundless skill and infinite vision of the
artist, and the limitless inspirational power of art. This is more than a competition. It aims to provide a platform for high school students and university students in South Africa to showcase their talents in visual arts and performing arts.

The competition will not only offer an opportunity for the students to exhibit their work but create a learning opportunity and a chance for them to network and connect
with other creative minds. We want to embrace the challenge of being more than another art event. In the same way that truly great art transcends creativity and imagination. It is an opportunity for artists, audiences, and society at large to rethink and reimagine their world, but it all begins with an artwork.

We therefore invite all eligible artists to submit entries for the 2023 edition of the competition. We invite you to showcase your boundless creativity. Go beyond your
imagination by entering online on or at one of collection point at Royal Bafokeng Institute or Kitsong Independent School.

All entries close on the 30th of August 2023.

First prize: R5 000 and an opportunity of an exhibition. (Terms and conditions apply).

Runner-up: R1 500

Five merit awards: Certificate of Participation

Who may enter?
1. Emerging artists who are in Grade 8 – 12 and university South African
students (19 years old- 25 years old), who have not yet held a solo exhibition, except for an exhibition which was held for academic purposes.
2. Artists who are represented by an agent or established art gallery are not allowed to enter.
3. Only artists who are permanent residents in South Africa may participate in the competition.
4. All entries must be accompanied by the following documentation:
• Completed and signed entry form.
• Copy of Identity Document OR Permit of Permanent Residence
• Colour photograph of the work (for reference only)
• Biography of no longer than 150 words
• Conceptual statement/synopsis that outlines the central idea of the work of no longer than 150 words.
• Assembly, maintenance, and disassembling instructions (if

Which works may be entered?
5. An artist may enter a maximum of two (2) works.
6. All works should be the original artistic creation of the participating artist and their making may not constitute an infringement of copyright.
7. The artist must be the owner of the copyright in the work/s and be able to grant to the organizers the rights set out in clause 8 below.
8. The artist must grant to the organizers the non-exclusive license to do or cause another person to do any of the acts in relation to the work/s which the copyright owner has the
exclusive right to do or to authorize.
9. Works may be produced and submitted as collaborative works by a maximum of two artists. It is the responsibility of the creators of the work to nominate one representative on the entry form. Both artists must supply a copy of their Identity Documents or Permit of Permanent Residence, and biographies.