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The Rome International Documentary Festival (RIDF) was created by filmmakers Emma Rossi Landi and Christian Carmosino Mereu - formerly curators of Il Mese del Documentario (2011/2014)- with the purpose of bringing the best Italian and international documentary films of the last year to the Roman audience.

Supported by a high-standard artistic committee, composed of some of Italy’s most admired directors, the RIDF's goal is to promote high quality documentary cinema. It seeks to inspire, provoke-thought, and provide networking opportunities to everyone who works and loves this genre of film, while keeping a focus on wider audiences.

Italian spectators have become increasingly more welcoming towards the documentary genre. The quality of Italian films has soared in the past decade. Significant and compelling films have won major festivals and have finally been distributed in cinemas in our country, attracting and enthralling the general public. However, the opportunity to watch quality documentary filmmaking is still limited in Italy. A festival totally dedicated to documentaries has been missing in Rome for far too long. We aim for the RIDF to become a stable meeting point and source of high quality doc-films.

The festival schedule will be enriched by Q&A’s with filmmakers, master classes and networking opportunities. RIDF is a festival that celebrates Documentary film in its every form, and aims to become a driving force for future productions and for the growth of the documentary culture in Italy.


Il Rome International Documentary Festival (RIDF) nasce dall’idea di due filmmaker, Emma Rossi Landi e Christian Carmosino Mereu - già ideatori del Mese del documentario (2011/2014), con l'obiettivo di portare nella Capitale il meglio della produzione italiana e internazionale dell'ultimo anno.

Con un comitato artistico d'eccezione, il RIDF ha come scopo quello di valorizzare il cinema documentario e fornire occasione di ispirazione, riflessione e crescita per tutti coloro che realizzano e amano questo genere cinematografico. Puntiamo a creare un evento indimenticabile che celebri il cinema documentario e che funga da volano per produzioni e diffusioni future, restando rivolto al grande pubblico.

La qualità  del cinema del reale italiano è salita vertiginosamente nell’ultimo decennio, così come la curiosità e l’apertura del pubblico italiano verso documentari sia italiani che internazionali. Film significativi e coinvolgenti hanno vinto grandi festival, sono stati distribuiti in sala, sono arrivati ad entusiasmare il grande pubblico. Ma la possibilità di vedere in sala i migliori documentari resta comunque limitata e a Roma manca da troppo tempo un festival interamente dedicato al documentario. Attraverso il RIDF puntiamo a far diventare Roma un punto di riferimento stabile per chi realizza e/o ama il documentario in Italia.

Best Italian Film - €1000
Best International - €1000
Audience Award - €1000
Best Photography
Best Editing
Best Sound


The aim of the Rome International Documentary Festival (RIDF) is to present the best Italian and International productions of the last year to Roman audiences. The RIDF is a festival founded by filmmakers, targeted to the general public. It also aims to become a networking hub, where documentary lovers and professionals can meet up and exchange ideas. The festival schedule will be enriched by masterclasses, Q&As and social opportunities Throughout the course of the Festival’s week Films will be screened multiple times, providing the audience with multiple opportunities to view the films.


The festival is organised by DOC FEST SRLS and is financed with private funds. Further financial contributions will be provided by the revenue of ticket sales and from participating sponsors. The organising team is in the large part made up by volunteers.

3.Selection criteria

The 1st edition of the Roma International Documentary festival will be held in Rome from the 24th of September to the 1nd of October. The Program includes
-International Competition (5 films)
-Italian Comptetition (5 films)

The festival directors and the selection committee will base their choices on the artistic quality of contenders, their originality and the relevance of the ideas and themes portrayed, aiming to present a complete picture of the complex and varied international and Italian documentary film landscape.


Applicants can submit films of any nationality. Total running time must 45 minutes or over, and production must have been completed after the 1st of January 2020. Though priority will be given films never screened in Italy, it is not required that submitted films be national premieres. The pre-approved format for films is DCP, other formats will have to be reviewed by the Festival’s programming office.
All films must be submitted through the designated link at www.filmfreeway.com and must have paid the entry fee indicated on the website.

• Best International film €1000
• Best Italian film €1000
• Audience award for best film €1000
• Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
• Further awards will be communicated subsequently.

Submission procedure

Submissions require an entry fee to cover administrative and programming costs. Films will only be considered for selection once the fee is received.

Film submissions must be exclusively made through www.filmfreeway.com. In exceptional circumstance it is possible to submit through the festivals programming office.

Note: The registration fee will not be reimbursed under any circumstance; including if the film does not get selected, if a submission is withdrawn or in the case of accidental multiple entrees.

Submission must be made by the 15th of June 2022

For selection, films must be submitted in the following form:
A protected link: Accessible through the internet (preferably through Vimeo and downloadable), providing the URL and Password on the online application.

This link must be active and accessible until October 2022

Films must be submitted in their original version and must include English or Italian subtitles. In case of selection additional material must be sent to the festivals programming office.

By submitting a film to RIDF, applicants and producers declare to own all content and usage rights within their film, and herby grantee to not include content that is under copyright or protection. Applicants affirm that in distributing the film no rights of third parties involved in the project have been infringed.

By registering, applicants agree that all material sent will be placed in the RIDF archive, with the possibility of utilising it for future archival, educational and research purposes. They will not be used for any commercial purposes.

6. Notification of selection

The festival’s director and management are responsible for the selection of films, the festival's general programming and screening schedules. Successful applicants will be sent an official invitation via email by the August 15th 2022. The official selection will be publicly announced during a press conference in September 2022. Notification of a Films selection into RIDF to any third parties prior to the press conference is prohibited, unless previously notified by the festival's press office.

All applicants will be notified from September 1st, 2022 whether their submission was successful or not.

7. Documentation Required upon selection

Upon being notified of selection, applicants must present the following documentation.

-The film’s trailer for promotional purposes (MOV. Or MP4)
-The films credits (indicating; country and year of production, format and length, language)
-Film synopsis in English and/or Italian
-A director's note commenting on the intent of the film and its process
-The director’s biography in Italian and/or English (min. 200 max 400 characters including spaces)
-Directors filmography (complete list of titles with years of production)
-Photograph of director (1280x960 or 1024x768 pixel, proportion 4:3. Format PNG or PG)
-Stills from the film, with authorisation for publication.(details will be communicated by the festivals programming office)
-Complete list of dialogues and subtitles (if included), in Italian and/or English
-A downloadable screener corresponding to the original DCP version (low resolution SD, MAX 1 GB in size), which will be used as a reference for translation and to assist in the synchronisation of subtitles. Online screeners will also be accepted, as long as they are identical to the DCP copy.
-Posters, playbills, postcards or any other promotional material.

8. Use of logo

Producers and distributers of all selected films are asked to include the official RIDF logo, as supplied by the festival, on their final DCP copy and in all promotional material (including posters, trailers, website). This Logo should not be altered or modified in any way, unless authorised by the festival.

9. Shipping

Screening DCP copies, together with a second spare copy (both preferably in Blu ray) must be received by the festival venue no later than the 15th of September, as indicated by the RIDF’s programming office.
All shipments from outside the EU must include a proforma invoice, proper customs documentation (including the title of the film and the description of material included). Furthermore, a shipping invoice must be sent to the festival office via email, providing the film’s title, date of shipment and further shipping details (including AWB number)
Shipping costs and custom clearance expense must be covered by the sender. RIDF will however cover the costs of the return shipment, including costs of transport and customs clearance. However, if after a films screening at the festival another festival requests for a copy of the film those shipping expenses are to be covered by the applicant. In any case RIDF will only cover the expenses of a single shipment for the screening copy.
In the event that an applicant chooses to withdraw their film from the festival after receiving an official invite, a payment of 3000e will be required as compensation for damages.

10. Donations to the RIDF archive

Donations of the film to the RIDF archive are welcomed and encouraged. This donated copy of the film will be kept for the purpose of conserving and disseminating knowledge of cinema.

11. Covid - 19
RIDF continues to closely monitor the Covid-19 situation in Rome and will adhere to any changes in guideline or regulations recommended by government health officials. We will promptly communicate any changes to our participants.

12. Conditions for participation

An applicant’s involvement within the festival is governed by their acceptance and adherence to the conditions listed above. These regulations are available also in their original Italian version, with this English copy acting only as a direct translation. In the case of misinterpretation, the Italian version of the festivals regulations is to be considered as the valid and lawful copy and will take precedence. Any disputes will be covered by the court of Rome.