Your first challenge in 2021!
Submission open on 01.01.2021: https://filmfreeway.com/Rolling48Challenge

•#ROLLING48Challenge is an online international competition hosted by the ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival. It aims to encourage everyone to create, experiment and have fun in MAKING A DANCE FILM. To participate in this exciting challenge, contestants should make and submit a complete dance film of exactly 1 minute according to a specific theme within 48 hours.

•Everyone at or above the age of 16 can join this competition. You can apply as a one-person-band or a team.


•國際線上比賽 #快拍48挑戰賽 由ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展主辦。比賽希望推動更多人體驗實拍舞蹈影片,繼續跳、拍、看的一起過癮。比賽極具挑戰性,每隊參賽者需於48小時內按特定主題完成並遞交一條剛好1分鐘的完整舞蹈影片。

• 只要年滿16歲即可參加。歡迎個人或團隊參賽。

The Awards
•#ROLLING48Challenge Jury Award – Prize: 400USD - the award will be given to the most outstanding dance film in the challenge based on the Jury’s evaluations.
•#ROLLING48Challenge Achieved Awards – Prize: 300 USD each - the awards will be given to other outstanding dance films recommended by the Jury.
•#ROLLING48Challenge Online Audience Choice Award – 200 USD - the award will be given to the dance film with the highest number of ‘likes’ on the ROLLOUT Vimeo screening platform.
** The actual number of awards may be adjusted according to the overall quality of the dance films. An award may be void if no films can meet the professional standards accredited by the Jury after evaluation.

The Jury
•The Jury consists of international professionals in the field of dance film making.

•#快拍48挑戰 評審大獎 (獎金:400美金) - 由評審選出整體最佳之作。
•#快拍48挑戰 評審推介作品獎 (獎金:每作品300 美金 ) - 由評審選出其他精選佳作。
•#快拍48挑戰 網上觀眾票選獎(獎金: 200美金)-於 ROLLOUT Vimeo 放映平台上獲點讚票數最多之作。
** 獎項的實際數項或依作品水平有所調整,如整體作品經評選後仍未符評審專業標準,部份獎項惟有被視為「從缺」。



When (** Please understand that the time zone below is set as GMt+8, you may need to convert to your local time if you are staying in a different time zone.)

•Filmmaking period: 1 Jan 2021 12:00pm (GMT+8) till 3 Jan 2021 12:00 pm (GMT+8).
The theme of the competition will be announced on our webpage (rolloutmacao.com) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rolloutmacao) on 1 Jan 2021 at 12:00pm (GMT+8) to kickoff the 48 hours of filmmaking period. The 48 hours will end on 3 Jan 2021 at 12:00 pm (GMT+8) and applications should be submitted to us through the https://filmfreeway.com/Rolling48Challenge before that.

•Voting on Vimeo: 5 Jan 2021 00:00am (GMT+8) to 10 Jan 2021 00:00am (GMT+8)
Works of selected finalists will be uploaded to the ROLLOUT Vimeo screening platform and the links will be listed on our webpage and Facebook page on 5 Jan 2021 at 00:00am (GMT+8). The online audience can then vote for their favourite films by liking them on Vimeo (by clicking the heart icon). The work with the highest vote will win the Online Audience Choice Award. The voting period will last until 10 Jan 2021 00:00am (GMT+8).

•Award announcement: 10 Jan 2021
The result will be announced within the same day! Please follow our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rolloutmacao) for immediate updates!

•Theme: corresponds to the theme announced on 1 Jan 2021 12:00 (GMT+8)
•Run time: EXACTLY 1 minute
•Resolution: 1080p, 16:9
•A non-expiring link from which we can directly download your film should be provided in your application at https://filmfreeway.com/Rolling48Challenge.
•Should languages other than English be used, please provide English subtitles in the film.
•NOT accepted:any illegal or indecent (obscene and violent) content

** The contestant should be granted the permission to use all copyrighted elements, including music, texts, performance, digital content etc in the film in a competition and a global online broadcasting context.
** The contestant should also have obtained the licenses to film in the necessary locations.
** Submitting your film to the #ROLLING48Challenge means you have understood the regulations of the competition and have granted ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival the rights to use your film and its relevant information in its activities and promotions.
**All production costs, necessary licences, disputes, safety and legal issues related to the films submitted to the #ROLLING48Challenge are liable only to the contestants and should be completely taken care of before the film is submitted. No responsibility nor liability will be assumed by the #ROLLING48Challenge.
** The organizers of the #ROLLING48Challenge reserves the final right of interpretation of the above terms.

For inquiries, please send us an email to 48challenge@rolloutmacao.com or contact us through our Facebook page @ROLLOUTMacao.

時間點 (**請留意以下為GMT+8時間,如你處於另一時區,需自行換算成當地時間)

•製作時間:2021年1月1日中午12:00 (GMT+8) 至2021年1月3日中午12:00 (GMT+8)
我們將於2021年1月1日中午12:00 (GMT+8) 於ROLLOUT網頁(rolloutmacao.com)及Facebook專頁(www.facebook.com/rolloutmacao) 公佈拍攝主題並展開挑戰賽。48小時內,參賽者需完成製作並於https://filmfreeway.com/Rolling48Challenge報名遞交作品,截止時間為2021年1月3日中午12:00 (GMT+8)。

•Vimeo 投票時間:2021年1月5日00:00 (GMT+8) 至2021年1月10日00:00 (GMT+8)
我們將於2021年1月5日00:00 (GMT+8)上載精選入圍作品到ROLLOUT Vimeo 放映平台上,並於網頁及Facebook專頁公佈相關連結。網上觀眾可於喜愛的影片中按「愛心」點讚,獲最多點讚票數者將贏取網上觀眾票選獎。點讚投票於2021年1月10日00:00 (GMT+8)截止。


•主題:符合於2021年1月1日中午12:00 (GMT+8) 公布之主題
•解釋度:1080p, 16:9
•於https://filmfreeway.com/Rolling48Challenge遞交報名時, 需提供不設限期之連結下載影片檔案

** 參賽者需合法使用影片中所有版權內容,包括音樂、文字、演出、電子內容等等,並獲准於比賽及全球公開播放情況中使用。
**向#快拍 48 挑戰賽 投片即代表參賽者已清楚理解參賽規條並允許主辦單位於#快拍 48 挑戰賽活動及宣傳中使用參賽者之影片。
** 所有參賽者影片涉及之製作費用、牌照、糾紛、安全及法律事宜均由參賽者承擔負責,並需於參賽前處理完畢。主辦單位將受上述免責聲明保障,上述情況一概不予承擔。
**#快拍 48 挑戰賽主辦單位對以上參賽條款保留最终解釋權。

如有任何查詢,敬請發送電郵至48challenge@rolloutmacao.com 或透過我們的Facebook 專頁 @ROLLOUTMacao 聯絡我們。

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