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link YouTube : Roberto Palmerini…/UCQF0Lx2nKiVzkOKHL5400iQ/videos
2021 A Friendly Voice
- Scritto, prodotto e diretto da Roberto Palmerini.
SEMINALISTA al San Francisco Indie Short Festival GENN 2022
MENZIONE D'ONORE ADIFF film festival febb.2022 San PietroBurgo
VINCITORE DEL Festival del cinema di Adbhooture MARZO 2022
Vincitore Mask Film Festival (Los Angeles) maggio 2022
Vincitore Fox Film festival (Febb. Marzo )2022
2018/2019: "The actor's work with the Camera" at the theater school: Essenza Teatro by Paolo Perelli Various shooting of theatrical performances.
2015: "Jobs act (ing) in Rome" 5 min. Direction, screenplay, editing. Take part in the "Quartieri di Roma" competition at the Isola del Cinema 2015
2015: "Isola del Cinema 2015". Tribute to Lumiere: "Tribute to Toto", "Cinema will never die" (attempted theme)
2014: Great White Shark ": documentary on the Great White Shark, shot in South Africa. 2012/13- M'ZOTHEKA (It can be done ) -
Film / medium-length film. 52 min. Screenplay, photography and direction. Shot entirely in Malawi. Participates in the African Film Festival of Verona "in Italian in original language subt. in English A beautiful family, short of 15 min. Screenplay and direction
2010: writing of various subjects 2000 and 2008 directs Vivere- Soap opera- Mediaset-Digitare (To see promo) Promo Reel 10 min external
Vivere on YouTube:
Un Posto al Sole , Cento Vetrine - Direction
2004 Lecturer in Directing Course in Morocco for Moroccan students - Kanzhaman School - Lazio Region contribution (Ouarzazate) –
2003 Raul Vistoli, matter and light - art documentary on the sculptor and his works. Shooting, script, photography and direction.

2000: giurato al Davide di Donatello
2001 Electric Nation - video clip - Canadian rock group
shooting, photography and direction link:
1998 Farfalle - TV Movie 90 min– with Violante Placido and Lorenzo Flaherty– Italy 1 - Mediaset
Direction --- LINK:
1997. Rome: Holds a seminar on the actor's work on the "Method" and working with the camera.
1996- La Mancia- 12 min x 35 mm./scope subject, script and direction
Candidate for Davide di Donatello in 1997 “in the five for best short film finalist.
Participate in UK: BRITISH SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - London - Uppsala Festival - Sweden.- Bologna Festival, and other international festivals
Winner of the Festival of the Squares of the Abruzzo and Molise region -
2000 he won the Anica Prize, the Nanny Loi Prize, the "Leone di Pietra", Camillo Marino prize in the festival named after Sergio Leone, for best short film for social and civil commitment
as part of the Giffoni Film Festival he won the Marcello Torre Award in Pagani (SA) as a short film of social and civil commitment.
The film was screened on RAI Educational as part of "LAVORI IN CORTO"
Other international festivals and reviews.
Directorial debut 1995:
1995 - Scooter - 30 min. x 35mm
(subject, screenplay and direction,) link:
Awards: Nastro d'Argento 1996 as best director of short films, awarded by the SNGCI (National Union of Film Journalists). The film participates in national and international festivals.
  • Producer (1 Credit)
    A Friendly Voice2021
    Feature, Short
  • Writer (1 Credit)
    A Friendly Voice2021
    Feature, Short
  • Director (1 Credit)
    A Friendly Voice2021
    Feature, Short
21 December SEMIFINALIST San Francisco Indie short Film Festival 25 FEBRUARY 2022 HONORABLE MENTION: ADIFF FILM FESTIVAL, SAINT PETERSBURG MARCH 2022 ADBHOOTURE WINNER Bet Short FESTIVAL CALCUTTA WUIFF WHITE UNICORN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL WINNER APRIL 2022- Fox Film Award -Rome Best Thriller- Marzo 2022-----Winner :Silver Musk Festival (Los Angeles) Best LGBT-----Maggio 2022 WUFF winner. Best Short LGTB
A Friendly Voice
21 December SEMIFINALIST San Francisco Indie short Film Festival 25 FEBRUARY 2022 HONORABLE MENTION: ADIFF FILM FESTIVAL, SAINT PETERSBURG MARCH 2022 ADBHOOTURE WINNER FESTIVAL CALCUTTA Best Short WUIFF WHITE UNICORN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL:Best Short- Fox Film Festival-Rome -Best Thriller- WINNER APRIL 2022- Winner -Best LGTB- Mask Film Festival - Los AngelesMaggio 2022-Winner White Unicorn-May 2022 Best LGBT Short- film
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