What does respect mean to you? How do you expect
others around you to show respect? Tell us through video!

Backlash against women’s and girl’s rights has reverberated around the world. Women in Afghanistan are not being allowed outside of their homes. In Nigeria women still do not enjoy equal political rights with men. In the United States, the Supreme Court has relegated women to second class citizens, denying them the right to make decisions about their bodies. More than a million women and girls have spoken through the What Women Want campaign (https://whiteribbonalliance.org/campaigns/what-women-want/) and demanded respect and dignity in healthcare.

We are Generation Equality! Respect should be defined BY us, not FOR us!

How to take part in the contest:

1. WATCH – examples from around the world: https://bit.ly/3NzbExI. You do not have to be professionally trained to participate!

2. CREATE – by yourself or with a group of friends, neighbors, colleagues. Create your own video telling us what respect means to you. Use your creativity and express yourself through your own words, song, dance! Take the video with a camera or your phone. The video should be no more than 2 minutes long.

3. SHARE –
a. Share your video by posting it on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram.
b. Use hashtags #RespectMeans, #WhatWomenWant, and #GenerationEquality and tag
White Ribbon Alliance on your favorite social media platform:
Facebook: @whiteribbonalliance
TikTok: @whiteribbonalliance
Twitter: @wraglobal
Instagram: @whiteribbonalliance
c. Tag two of your friends to take the challenge and ask them what respect means to them. You will learn more about your friends and what makes them feel respected.
d. You have entered the contest if you share your video with the three hashtags:
#RespectMeans #WhatWomenWant #GenerationEquality, and tag White Ribbon Alliance
between June 15th and September 15th, 2022.

Win Cash Prizes:

People’s Choice/Most liked/shared on social media: 5,000 USD
Best video: 5,000 USD
Best video by community organization: 5,000 USD
Best video by young artists (under 18): 5,000 USD
Best video by health workers: 5,000 USD

Awards will be decided by a team of international judges. The People’s Choice award will be awarded based on social media “Likes” and “Shares.”

Awards will be announced in October 2022. Winning entries will be assessed based on the following:
• Originality – how original is the video? Does it have original music/poem/spoken
• Talking from the heart - Is it personal to you or your community?
• Emotional pull – Can people relate to your message?
• Call to action – Do people understand what you need them to do in response to your
• Igniting change – How many people responded to your challenge with their own video or liked, shared or responded to your video? How would you continue to make change in your community, to advance respect?

Before you begin: Read the Rules!

By participating in this contest, including all elements of the conceptualization, cost, creation and posting a film for consideration, you certify that you have read, understand and accept sole responsibility for your submission under these rules, and release White Ribbon Alliance from any and all liability in perpetuity.

Qualifying submissions will include an original short film in MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, or WMV format and creator statement summarizing how the film represents your vision and demands for equality and respect and how you plan to ensure respect in your community. With submission you allow us to download, screen and consider your film an active participant in the contest.

Short films may not exceed two (2) minutes – films that exceed two (2) minutes will not be considered.

Only new content will be considered.

Creator statement may not exceed 300 words and will not be read if they do. Creator statements must also certify that you have obtained or followed all applicable permissions, licenses and legal or privacy requirements. Creator statements must contain information about your age if you want to enter the Youth category.

Language: We wish we were fluent in all of the languages that exceptional women and creators speak, but until then we need to require submission of creator statements in English. We will work with winning submissions to obtain creator approval on translation of film transcripts.

Submissions may not advertise any product, service, brand or other commercial interest
Creators are solely responsible for securing any and all necessary licenses for third party content, including footage, music, fonts, artwork and any other assets used in film production. Participants may not use the Respect song.

Creators will retain all intellectual property rights to the film submission, and grant White Ribbon Alliance and its affiliates irrevocable, royalty-free and nonexclusive right to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use the work in whole or in part including all collateral produced as part of the submission in perpetuity whether you win or not.

White Ribbon Alliance is not responsible for, and will not compensate, any costs associated with participation in the film contest. With your submission you agree that no party will be compensated for any part of your participation by White Ribbon Alliance. With your submission, you agree to clear content of any and all legal claims and to indemnify and hold White Ribbon Alliance harmless against any and all legal claims by you or others related to the film before, during and after submission in perpetuity (forever). You also agree that if you become aware of any kind of legal claim, you will immediately notify us not more than forty-eight hours after you become

White Ribbon Alliance reserves the right to pause, extend or cancel the film contest based on limited number of submissions, or any other reason at its discretion.

Questions? respect@whiteribbonalliance.org

For more information: https://whiteribbonalliance.org/