Reedy Reels Film Festival promotes the appreciation of the art of film-making while generating support for independent film-makers especially in the Upstate of South Carolina. The festival will engage the community and create exposure for local film-making while building inspiration and new opportunities for local artists.

Awards given for:
Feature film
Wildlife Conservation (prize includes animal artwork)
Short Film
Student Film
South Carolina (Local)

Suggestions for all Entries

No mail-in submissions accepted. Only online submissions.

Please provide a synopsis or description that does not go beyond one page.

In addition, please also provide a list of Cast and Crew members that does not exceed 2 pages.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. A separate entry and entry fee must accompany each work. (Example: Two tapes, two entry submissions, two photos, two money orders, etc...)

To qualify for student fees, a current student ID must be included with the submission.

The Reedy Reels Film Festival reserves the right not to choose a winner from any of the following categories: Screenplay, Animation, Student, Feature, Documentary, Best Actress, Best Actor, Director, Automotive, and Short.

No refunds will be given on submission fees. We plan to have an in person film festival to meet and greet with the film community. We reserve the right to go virtual or postpone the festival based no Covid-19 evolution.


By your submission of a program to the Reedy Reels Film Festival you authorize us to use your program in all promotions for the festival. This would include encore presentations after the festival to which accepted.

Overall Rating
  • John Sexton

    Reedy Reels is one of our favorites festivals. Film makers are given great support by the very friendly staff. The venue is killer and the selection of films is wonderful. Best of all is that the festival is constantly working to fine-tune the experience for everyone involved. A great bang-for-your-buck festival !

    January 2020
  • A big thank you to Matt, Ken, Mike, the staff, and the volunteers for making s part of this year's line up. We felt honored to be screening in Greenville at such a great venue. The communications and support was amazing! Thank you and we hope to be back!

    November 2019
  • We had a great time at Reedy Reels this year in support of TRUCE and Grandpa - a first class facility and everyone was very supportive and helpful. The audience was engaged and really took an interest in the films and filmmakers. All of the films were great and enjoyable; it's also nice to see so much Carolina talent shine!

    November 2019
  • Brittany Brock

    Great festival. Super friendly team and staff. Amazing venue!

    November 2018
  • Thomas Nazario

    Thank you, Reedy Reels, for being so welcoming to 20 local high school kids and their teacher who came to see our film, "Living on a Dollar a Day". We couldn't make it in person, but they said they had a great time. Best of luck and continued success to your festival!

    November 2018