Kill Jim is an international film festival with live events broadcast live streaming from some ghostly and damned places. Hell is the fire that governs this horror and action film festival. Dante Alighieri will guide you along the path of the final grand prize.
Only The Finalists from each movies platform will go at live event

All Winners can order a Trophy

We accept:
Action - Horror - Thriller - Noir - Mistery - Experimental - Adult - Mature - Adventure

Only in HD and with Posters

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team¬†¬†

    January 2021
  • Paul Hart-Wilden

    Very weird festival. We were 'selected' to take part when it was still called 'Red Corner'. Tried several times to contact them regarding screening, whether we'd won anything but never heard from them at all.
    Then they changed their name to 'Kill Jim' but still never heard anything from them.
    The listing on Filmfreeway shows the festival as being in Siracusa in Italy... but if you click on the website link it takes you to a page that describes the festival as being part of the San Rafael Comic Fest.

    To add to the confusion, there's apparently 55 reviews of the festival giving it a 4+ star rating with people saying things like how great it was, how communicative they were and that someone even 'loved the networking', along with people calling the website confusing, complaining about the lack of communication.

    So... I honestly have no idea, all I can speak to is our own experience and interaction with the festival which was very frustrating and kinda unsatisfying - but we did get to make our own 'official selection' laurels, so there is that.

    May 2019
  • Happy and honored to take part of Red Corner Film Festival (Kill, Jim). Cheers and all the best !

    December 2018
  • Thank you from the cast and crew of Calm In Chaos

    November 2018
  • Jesus Pasos

    Terrible website. Don't really get told if you win or not. Communication is bad, took over a week for a response. Not organized well.

    November 2018