ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan was founded by cartoonist, painter and animator Vrej Kassouny in 2008.
Armenia’s history in animation had begun 70 years prior, with the release of the first Armenian film, Lev Atamanov’s (né Levon Atamanyan) The Dog and the Cat in 1938.

In striving to honor the craft in both spirit and in name, the Festival has since reintroduced the art of animated filmmaking to Armenian audiences.

The festival includes a selection of highly anticipated non-commercial features and shorts with 15 in-competition and non-competition programs and a Market Forum for Animation Professionals (MARANI). The festival also offers an array of practical workshops, seminars, master classes and lectures presented by a host of global industry talent.

The festival has become a platform for development and promotion even beyond Armenia’s borders. As the largest event in the South Caucasus (and the most unique within its class), ReAnimania is playing an integral role in bridging east and west. It is becoming one of the most important emerging festivals, receiving over a thousand film submissions and attracting tens of thousands from around the world. In its 8th edition, ReAnimania is already becoming one of the most important young animation film festivals from all over the world, welcoming competitors, visitors and animation lovers from more than 75 countries.

Since the festival’s 2009 launch, Reanimania has welcomed roughly:

20,000 spectators
100 sponsors, partners, friends, supporters
90 industry judges, 28 junior juries
35 speakers
800 annual entries
350 annual screenings
200 participants in the festival’s complimentary professional workshops and master classes
ReAnimania has welcomed (to name but a few) many esteemed colleagues whose career contributions to the field have positively impacted the industry:

Max Howard, Exodus Film Group, President (President, Warner Brothers Feature Animation, Burbank)
Tiziana Loschi(Director, Annecy International Film Festival, France)
David Sproxton(CEO of Aardman Animation, UK)
Mark Shapiro(Head of Marketing and Brand, LAIKA Studios, Portland),
Michel Ocelot(Director, Studio O, France)
Susie Wilson(International Advisor, Scotland)
Max Howard, Tiziana Loschi and Charlie Sansonetti have also joined the festival as International Advisory Board members.

Among the world famous animation productions screen at ReAnimanian as Yerevan Premiere were: Cheating (Bill Plymton), Secret of Kells (Tomm Moore), Sita Sings the Blues (Nina Paley), Waltz with Bashir (Ari Folman), The Boy and the World (Ale Abreu), Rocks in my Pocket (Signe Baumane), Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart (Stephane Berla) and many others.

ReAnimania’s local partners and supporters include, but are not limited to, the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Culture, the National Cinema Center of Armenia, the Union of Armenian Cinematographers and foreign embassies to the Republic of Armenia.

Early on, ReAnimania established partnerships with international animation film festivals such as Annecy IAFF (France), Stuttgart Trickfilm Festival (Germany) and Encounters (UK). ReAnimania is looking forward to forming new partnerships, expanding its global animation market and, of course, welcoming a new wave of films, filmmakers, judges and honored guests to share in Armenia’s rich and ancient culture.

ReAnimania’s aim is to expand and extend the border of Armenia through the Art of Animation and Animated films.

ReAnimania’s motto is: “Life is a Picture, Make the Picture Come to Life.”


· Please be informed, the submission is with fee.
· Please visit ReAnimania’s Link for the payment.
· Or submit directly through ReAnimania’s website (

Grand Prix award for Best Animated Feature Film
Grand Prix award for Best Animated Short Film
Grand Prix award for Best Animated Commissioned TV & Educational Film
Grand Prix award for Best Animated Musical Clip
Grand Prix award for Best Graduation Film

Special Prize award named after Lev Atamanov for Best Animated Armenian film
Special Prize award named after Valentine Podpomogov for Best Concept of Animated Feature Film
Special Prize award named after Robert Sahakyants for Lifetime achievement

QUALIFICATION FOR ENTRIES: Only works completed after January 1, 2016 and never previously entered at ReANIMANIA International Animation film & Comics Art Festival will be accepted.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Works submitted for selection can be presented as a URL link to a streaming video source. DVDs are no longer accepted.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: The official languages of the Festival are English and Armenian. All the projects are preferred to be in original audio track (with English subtitles for foreign dialogue track projects) when submitting your work with an English dialogue track or with English subtitles otherwise, please submit an English dialogue script.


· Please be informed, the submission is with fee.
· You are welcome to submit directly through ReAnimania’s website ( )

Only works completed after January 1, 2018 and never previously entered at ReAnimania International Animation film & Comics Art Festival will be accepted to the following competition categories:

Animated Feature Films competition.
Animated Short Films competition (up to 30 min. long).
Animated Graduation Films competition.
Animated Commissioned TV & Educational films competition.
Animated Musical Clips competition.
The Festival official online submission platform is: You can also find ReANIMANIA on the following platforms: FilmFreeway

NOTE: There is no need for submitting on multiple platforms. (One submission entry is enough).

SELECTION: Each entry is considered for the Official Competition and the out-of-competition Showcase screenings. The Festival Selection committee will choose the films to be screened in competition and showcase. Works will be judged within their category for conceptual, technical and aesthetic innovation and excellence.

The Festival Selection committee reserves the right to change a film's category if the film is more suited for another category.

All submitted information and visual content will be retained by ReANIMANIA for archive, and for reference in programming with partner festivals.

All participants will be notified by e-mail of the pre-selection result within one week after finishing the selection. ReANIMANIA is pleased to welcome every filmmaker whose work has been selected for ReANIMANIA 9th edition at the festival and organizes if possible free board and lodging. In No case the Festival will cover travel expenses.

If your Work Is Selected for the Competition

Directors or Producers must provide high-definition digital video files (H264 or ProRes .mov files only). Directors or Producers of films selected for Official Competition have the option of sending a DCP copy as long as an H264 or ProRes .mov file is also provided.

The Festival does not accept any other format as a screening copy. If the Festival Office does not receive the required film or video screening copy in the proper format on or before September 15, 2017, the selected work will be withdrawn from the competition or showcase program.

All shipping costs to the Festival as well as any extra charges shall be covered by the sender. The cost of return-shipment will be covered by the Festival. We cannot accept customs fees. Do not list a value higher than $5.00 USD and please mention “For Cultural Purposes Only” on your package. The shipping address for screening copies is the following:


Argishti 7/4, Yerevan, 0015 Armenia Tel: +374-99-671716

COMPETITION CATEGORIES: The Festival Competition program is consisted of the following titles:

Animated Feature Films competition.
Animated Short Films competition (up to 30 min. long).
Animated Graduation Films competition.
Animated Commissioned TV & Educational films competition.
Animated Musical Clips competition.
COMPETITION JURIES: The Festival will have three juries for each category (one international jury, two locals) All members of the international juries will be closely connected with the art of animation. Productions produced or directed by members of the juries are not eligible for entry in the categories of the Official Competition. The decisions of the juries are final.

FESTIVAL PRIZES: The juries will present the following awards:

Grand Prizes

GRAND PRIZE Award for Best Animated Feature film.

GRAND PRIZE Award for Best Animated Short film.

GRAND PRIZE Award for Best Animated Commissioned TV & Educational film.

GRAND PRIZE Award for Best Animated Graduation film.

GRAND PRIZE Award for Best Animated Musical Clip.

Other Prizes

PUBLIC AWARD: one for each competition category.
ReANIMANIA SPECIAL PRIZE named after Valentine Podpomogov: Award for Best Animated Feature Film Concept Art
ReANIMANIA SPECIAL PRIZE named after Lev Atamanov: Award for Best Armenian Animated Film.
The juries, at their discretion, may also award additional special prizes.

The juries have the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in the Jury’s view, meet its standards for recognition.

Note: The producers and directors of award-winning films at ReANIMANIA should mention the prize obtained, the year and the name of ReANIMANIA in the credits of their film and on all related documentation.

PROMOTIONAL USE OF WORKS: Unless otherwise indicated on the entry form, the entrant grants the Festival the right to show, for publicity purposes only, up to 10% of the running time of the production to a maximum of three minutes.

Each year the Festival organizes series of screenings of the Best films presented during the festival days to encourage animation and the practice of filmmaking among the local youth. For this purpose the Festival obtains a distribution license of a Best of ReANIMANIA program for cultural and noncommercial screenings in Armenia. A contract for transfer of copyright will be proposed to the rights holders of the films to be used only for this program.

ACCEPTANCE OF REGULATIONS: By agreeing to and/or submitting the entry form for

ReANIMANIA International Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan, the participant accepts, without reservation, the terms of the present regulations as stated in this document.

Overall Rating
  • Jing Sun

    ReAnimania is such a professional and cute festival for animation and Comic Art! Even though I couldn't make it in person, based on what I see through social media, I do appreciate what they have done for filmmakers! The diversity in selected films is such a nice thing! Thank you again!!!

    November 2019
  • Aroop Dwivedi

    Reanimania has some very interesting curation of short films, a fantastic festival in a very beautiful city, highly recommended. Also Thank you for finally picking my film in your music video category.

    November 2019
  • Ani Antonova

    Although, we didn't have the opportunity to attend the festival, the communication with the team was great and we were very happy that our film was part of the program.

    November 2019
  • moein allameh

    Need to be more diciplinative!

    April 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your comment and critic, your critic will help us to grow more and to be more organized!
    Would be glad if you visit our FB page; and send us a message with your precise problem that you have faced, in order to solve the issue, and to not repeat it later.
    Much appreciated.
    ReAnimania Team

  • esmaeel abbasi

    Growing to become stronger and becoming a good festival

    December 2018
    Response from festival:

    We can't grow without your support and participation, thank you for the trust and believin in.