ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival invites dance, movement, image and video artists to submit their dance films to the 5th edition of the Festival!

Inaugurated in 2016, ROLLOUT is a biennial dance film festival in Macao co-organized by Ieng Chi Dance Association, Point View Art Association and Concept Pulse Studio.

ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival features international contests, selection screenings, focus talks, workshops, screening tours and lab collaborations. Our vision is to create a dance film platform across disciplines and bodies, among local and international artists.

Our previous editions have received submissions from more than 89 countries and regions, while our ROLLOUT Lab series have induced collaborations among various Asian dance film networks. We aim to encourage creations and inspirations among every possible participant in this hybrid art form and reflect on all possible dialogues which connect us with our bodies, societies and cultures.

Co-organized by: Ieng Chi Dance Association|Point View Art Association|Concept Pulse Studio
Sponsored by: Fundo de Desenvolvimento da Cultura


ROLLOUT 由英姿舞園、點像藝術協會及意動空間合辦,自 2016 年展開,為兩年一屆的舞蹈影像展。

過去兩屆《ROLLOUT 舞蹈影像展》包含國際比賽、精選舞蹈錄像放映、焦點對談、工作坊以及影像 創作實驗室等活動,而國際舞蹈影像徵集得到超過 89 個國家及地區創作人的支持並投片參賽,迴響讓人鼓舞。

ROLLOUT 展望逐步在澳建立一個舞蹈影像交流平臺,並與亞洲活躍舞蹈影像平臺合作實 驗創作及巡展交流,探索舞蹈影像的多元面向,激發種種可能。


For contest submissions:
• the ROLLOUT Dance Film Jury Award (Prize: 800 USD)
• The ROLLOUT Asian Production Award (Prize: 600 USD)
• the ROLLOUT Jury Recommendation Awards (Prize: 400 USD each)
• the ROLLOUT Audience Choice Award (Prize: 200 USD)
• the ROLLOUT Online Audience Choice Award (Prize: 200 USD)
• The ROLLOUT Innovation Award (Price: 300 USD)
** Other outstanding films may be given special mentions.

For non-contest submissions:
** selected films to be screened under the ROLLOUT World Selection with individual introduction and promotion.

• ROLLOUT 評審大獎(獎金:800美元)
• ROLLOUT 亞洲製作大獎(獎金:600美元)
• ROLLOUT 評審推介作品獎(獎金:每獲獎影片400美元)
• ROLLOUT 觀眾票選作品獎(獎金: 200美元)
• ROLLOUT 線上觀眾票選作品獎(獎金: 200美元)
• ROLLOUT 創新大獎 (獎金: 300 美元)


Rules and Terms in English (中文徵集條款隨後)

1. Period of Submission:

From 1 June 2024 to 30 August 2024 (GMT+8)

2. Submission Fees:

Super Early Bird Period – 1 June to 28 June 2024 (23:59 GMT+8), 10 USD/film
Early Bird Period - 29 June to 31 July 2024, 15 USD/film
Regular Period – 1 August to 30 August 2024 (23:59 GMT+8), 20 USD/film
Late Bird Period – 31 August to 20 September 2024 (23:59 GMT+8), 30 USD/film

* Apply to all submission categories (Screening and Contest, refer to 4.1 and 4.2 below)
* Submission fees are not refundable

3. General Rules of Submission:

3.1 Interested parties may submit their applications as an individual or a group.
3.2 To provide a more extensive repertoire of choices for the audience, dance films which have been shown in other exhibitions or festivals will be accepted but they have to be the original works of the applying entity and the applying entity should own the sole copyright of the film.
3.3 All selected dance films, the relevant texts and stills etc. submitted to the ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival may be used as materials for public screenings and publicity. All entry applications submitted will automatically authorize the Dance Film Festival to use and edit these submitted videos, text, stills and their related elements for promotional purposes at no cost.
3.4 The applying entity should ensure that they have been granted the legal rights to use all copyrighted elements such as music, text, images and other media forms in the video for public broadcasting, so that all elements in the submitted video can be used and broadcasted by ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival in its public screening activities, online platforms and screening tours. If any copyrights infringement or related disputes are caused by showing the video to anyone, the applying entity should bear the sole responsibility for the settlement of the infringement.
3.5 The selected entity will be given a pending period of ten days, from the date they received the selection notification, to fine-tune their works for optimal screening results.
3.7 The Organisers of ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival own the final rights to interpret and modify the rules and regulations of the Festival and its award arrangement and the discretion rights for final decisions on all matters.
3.8 All applying entities should read and understand the submission rules and regulations thoroughly. Upon submission, the submitting entity automatically present their consent on the rules of submission, copyright usage and the Festival’s rights to use the submitted content etc.

4. Submission Categories:

4.1 For Contest and Screening: Submissions should comply the following conditions in order to be considered for the Award Contest and Screening category:
• Running time : 15 minutes or less
• Production date: 1 January 2022 or after
• Genre: Any
4.2 For Screening ONLY: for participating in the ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival Screenings ONLY
• Running time, production date, genre: Any

5. Contest Awards:

5.1 ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival has created a contest session (see the rules of eligibility in Item 4.1 above) to present the following awards to outstanding dance films:
• the ROLLOUT Dance Film Jury Award (Prize: 800 USD) – the award will be given to the most outstanding dance film in the Festival based on the Jury’s evaluations made with the indicators of visual qualities, messages conveyed, originality of concept, inspirations given and the overall performance of the dance film creation.
• The ROLLOUT Asian Production Award (Prize: 600 USD) – the award will be given to the most outstanding Asian dance film, after the Jury Award, based on the above indicators.
• the ROLLOUT Jury Recommendation Awards (Prize: 400 USD each) – the award will be given to dance films recommended by the Jury based on the above indicators.
• the ROLLOUT Audience Choice Award (Prize: 200 USD) – the award will be given to the dance film with most votes from the audience attending the screenings.
• the ROLLOUT Online Audience Choice Award (Prize: 200 USD) – the award will be given to the dance film with most votes from the online audience viewing the online screenings.
• The ROLLOUT Innovation Award (Price: 300 USD) – the award will be given to the dance film which employs innovative technologies or media most distinctively in its production.

5.2 The actual number of awards may be adjusted according to the overall quality of the dance films. An award may be void if no films meet the professional standards accredited by the Jury after evaluation.
5.3 If two or more works are given the same score, the Jury will make the final decision on the award arrangement.

6. Benefits of accepted entities:

6.1 ROLLPASS- all applying entities accepted to the contest and screenings of ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival will be granted the ROLLPASS to participate in all screening sessions, workshops and focus talks at no cost.
6.2 All accepted entities will receive a ROLLOUT selection certificate.
6.3 All accepted entities will receive a ROLLOUT Official Selection laurel.
6.4 All accepted entities will automatically be included in the ROLLOUT Dance Film Digital Archive.
6.5 All accepted entities will automatically be considered for the selection of films for the ROLLOUT screening tour collection. They may be played in various arts spaces in the Macao community and given a wider audience.
6.6 All accepted entities will automatically be considered for the selection of films to be recommended by the Jury to enter other dance films festivals, platforms, and artistic events for a wider audience and more opportunities from the industry.

7. Accepted Screening Formats:

7.1 File formats: MP4, WMV, AVI or MOV (Apple ProRes format will not be accepted)
7.2 Resolution: Between 1920x1080 (1080p, 16x9) and 4K; for VR works, between 4K and 8K.

8. Subtitles

8.1 If language materials (audio and/or visual) other than English are used in the film, please provide subtitles or remarks for these materials in English.

9. Entry Application Process:

9.1 Submit your work and complete your application online through Late applications will not be considered.
9.2 Upon special circumstances, such as unexpected failure to upload films of the required format onto the online platform, the applying entity will be contacted individually to provide remedial measures.
9.3 All accepted entries will be notified through emails along with details of participation. Accepted entities will also be required to sign the “Confirmation of Participation” upon acceptance.

For inquiries, please send us an email to or contact us through our Facebook page ROLLOUT Macao.


1. 徵集期間:

2024年6月1日起至2024年8月30日 (GMT+8)

2. 申請參展費用:

超早鳥期間 – 2024年6月1日至6月28日 (23:59, GMT+8) ,每作品10美元
早鳥期間 – 2024年6月29日至7月31日 (23:59, GMT+8) ,每作品15美元
正常期間 – 2024年8月1日至8月30日 (23:59, GMT+8) ,每作品20美元
晚鳥期間 – 2024年8月31日至9月20日 (23:59, GMT+8) ,每作品30美元

* 適用於申請所有參展類別 (競選或非競選,詳見下述4.1及4.2項目)
* 申請參展費用不設退還

3. 申請參展條款:

3.1 有興趣者可以個人或團體名義遞交參展申請及影片。
3.2 為擴展觀眾視野,大會接受曾參與其他展覽或電影節之作品,但影片必需為申請人或團體的原創作品,並擁有該作品之所有版權。
3.3 所有遞交至《ROLLOUT 舞蹈影像展》的入選作品、相關文字及劇照等均可能會被用作公開放映及宣傳之素材,遞交申請後則自動賦予大會無償使用、剪輯影片及相關元素作宣傳用途的權利。
3.4 如遞交的影片涉及使用具版權之音樂、文字、影像及其他媒體元素,敬請於遞交前確保已合法申請所有元素之公開播放權,使得全片的所有元素均可用於放映、網上以及巡展等所有《ROLLOUT 舞蹈影像展》活動中作公開播放。如因播放影片而產生著作權及版權等相關爭議,投片或參展單位需負全責。
3.5 由遞交單位獲通知影片入圍參展之日起,所有入選作品均將獲予10天的微調時間,讓作品可按實際情況及效果作更多盡善之處。
3.6 主辦單位保留最終解釋及修改活動與獎項細則的權利,以及所有事情最終決定之酌情權。
3.7 所有影片遞交單位均須細讀及明白本則指引及規條。而申請單位需於同意大會的參展條款、版權規定以及影片使用權等細則後方可遞交作品。遞交作品即表示同意本展之各項各項參展、版權、獎項及放映等規定。

4. 申請參展選項:

4.1 競選影片:所有符合以下條件之遞交影片均自動申請同時參與《ROLLOUT 舞蹈影像展》展映及獎項競選活動
• 片長:15分鐘或以內
• 製作日期:2022年1月1日或以後之原創作品
• 類型:不限

4.2 非競選影片:只申請參與《ROLLOUT 舞蹈影像展》展映
• 片長、製作日期、類型:不限

5. 競選獎項:

5.1 為鼓勵更多精彩創作,《ROLLOUT 舞蹈影像展》設立了獎項競選部份(參選要求請參閱上述4.1項之條文),特設獎項如下:
• ROLLOUT 評審大獎(獎金:800美元) - 由評審按作品的視覺質感、訊息轉達、原創思維、理念啓發、整體表現等指標參考選出全展整體最佳之作。
• ROLLOUT 亞洲製作大獎(獎金:600美元) - 由評審按以上指標選出評審大獎以外之最佳亞洲製作影片。
• ROLLOUT 評審推介作品獎(獎金:每獲獎影片400美元)- 由評審按以上指標選出其他精選佳作。
• ROLLOUT 觀眾票選作品獎(獎金: 200美元)- 由觀眾於放映活動現場投票選出最具共嗚之作。
• ROLLOUT 線上觀眾票選作品獎(獎金: 200美元)- 由線上觀眾於線上放映活動投票選出最具共嗚之作。
• ROLLOUT 創新大獎 (獎金: 300 美元)- 由評審選出最精湛融合創新技術、媒體之作。
5.2 獎項的實際數項或依作品水平有所調整,如整體作品經評選後仍未符評審專業標準,部份獎項惟有被視為「從缺」。
5.3 若兩個或以上的作品總分相同,則由評審作最後決議。

6. 入圍《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》競選及展映者權益:
6.1 ROLLPASS-所有入圍參展單位於《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》期間均可免費參與所有線上及現場放映場次、工作坊及焦點對談等活動。
6.2 所有入圍《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》競選及展映影片將獲發入圍證書。
6.3 所有入圖《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》競選及展映影片將獲發ROLLOUT 入圍桂冠標誌。
6.4 所有入圖《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》競選及展映影片將自動進入ROLLOUT 舞蹈影片電子典藏。
6.4 所有入圍《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》競選及展映影片將自動參與ROLLOUT 巡迴放映精選推薦選拔,有機會讓影片走入澳門社區及藝文生活空間,接觸更廣大觀眾群。
6.5 所有入圍《ROLLOUT舞蹈影像展》競選及展映影片將有機會由評審選出推介予其他舞蹈錄像節平台或藝術活動,以接觸更廣大觀眾群及提升業界優勢。

7. 接受影片規格

7.1 檔案格式:MP4, WMV, AVI 或 MOV (請恕不接受Apple ProRes 格式)
7.2 解柝度:不低於1920x1080 (1080p, 16x9) 或最高4K;VR作品不低於4K或最高8K。

8. 字幕

9. 參展申請流程:

9.1 於影片公開徵集截止前到 填妥網上申請,逾期恕不受理。
9.2 如遇上特殊情況,例如投片者難以於網上雲端系統上載符合大會放映規格之影片, 大會將另外與參展者聯絡,要求參展單位提供相關解決方案。
9.3 大會將以電郵通知入選放映的參展單位,並確認相關參展詳情,同時要求入選者填妥及簽署相關之《入選作品確認參展書》。

如有任何查詢,敬請發送電郵至 或透過我們的Facebook 專頁 ROLLOUT Macao 聯絡我們。