THE 2024 REGINA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will take place in a hybrid format from in August 2024. Join us as we celebrate world cinema, champion new voices and bring you the best of Saskatchewan talent.

The Regina International Film Festival & Awards (RIFFA) Foundation Inc. is a non-profit cultural arts organization. Our five day International Film Festival supports and highlights Saskatchewan filmmakers, hosts masterclasses, industry talks and special events to encourage visiting filmmakers and local filmmakers to connect and learn from one another. RIFFA's robust international program seeks to build community capacity in the cinematic arts to encourage inclusion, human connection, innovation, and self-expression through storytelling. RIFFA strongly encourages stories with a unique point of view and critical perspectives that can create positive social change and empower marginalized communities.

"Inspire & motivate people to discover the world through the art of motion pictures''

The Award Ceremony celebrates excellence in multiple categories of film worldwide.


Submissions to the 2024 Regina International Film Festival & Awards (RIFFA) should be made through FilmFreeway based on the following terms. Any questions about these terms should be directed to

1. By submitting a film to RIFFA for the 2024 Festival, the submitter (the “Applicant”) represents that he or she has obtained the necessary consent from all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorized representatives of the film (‘’The Film Owners’’) and has agreed to the terms. By submitting films to RIFFA under any categories, applicants automatically agree that the ‘’Film Owner’’ will be responsible for any associated legal, financial and ethical implications (claim) associated with a public exhibition at a film festival.

2. RIFFA may disqualify or reject submissions that it determines are not in compliance with these terms, and may do so without refunding submission fees.

3. RIFFA does not pay screening fees for any Officially Selected films In Competition.

4. RIFFA reserves all rights to make changes to any festival aspects including the rules and regulation without any prior notification.

A. Films submitted to RIFFA for Festival consideration must be entered in ONE of the categories set out below. Please read the individual category descriptions below before submitting. Films that do not meet the eligibility requirements will not be considered by RIFFA.

B. Applicants who submit a film to the Indigenous Short Film Category may submit the same film in more than one category, providing eligibility requirements are met.

C. If your film is accepted, RIFFA reserves the right to decide which category is best suited for your project.

D. All sections of The Submission Form must be filled out. RIFFA reserves the right to consider incomplete submissions as ineligible.

E. In the case of entries of five or less in any category, the festival reserves the right to transfer those entries into another category and to eliminate the original category.

F. Only digital online submission screeners will be accepted.

G. Any non-English dialogues used in a submitted film must have English subtitles.

H. Films that have been submitted to RIFFA in previous years are not eligible to re-apply.

I. A secure Vimeo Link and Password to watch the film may be requested anytime during the selection process regardless of your screening status on FilmFreeway.

J. Final decisions on submissions made through FilmFreeway will be notified through Film Freeway. Please note that RIFFA may notify a filmmaker at any point prior to the official notification date.

K. All selected films will be given a period during which they must accept or decline their invitation to have their film participate in the festival.

L. A film may not be withdrawn after formally accepting an invitation to screen at RIFFA.

M. If a Saskatchewan based filmmaker wants to submit their film to a category other than Saskatchewan films then they can contact the festival for a 30% discount code applicable towards submission to another category other than Saskatchewan films; proof of residence in Saskatchewan will be requested to obtain the discount

N. A selected number of chosen films will be given In Person screenings, while the remainder will be part of an online screening programme. O. If a film is selected and the filmmaker consents to an online screening on the chosen online screening platform, they then assume any and all risks with the digital exhibition of their film; RIFFA is not responsible for any illegal reproductions of any film exhibited during RIFFA, either in person or digitally

- .mp4
- HD 1080p maximum resolution (1920x1080) H.264
- No other formats will be accepted for exhibition.
Digital Press Kit: the Applicant's official selection letter will be accompanied by a list of specific requirements.

Overall Rating
  • Sandy Hoekstra

    I loved attending RIFFA! The organizers were professional and lovely to meet. The screening selection was fantastic and it was great to meet fellow filmmakers and industry members!! Thank you for premiering Our Own Spirits Regained. RIFFA was both a memorable and valuable event to attend in person.

    August 2023
  • Kim Coltman

    I am unable to find the results of the festival and judging.

    August 2023
  • Gordon Pepper

    RIFFA is quickly becoming one of Canada's top international film festivals with an impressive programming mix of screenings, workshops and festival award ceremonies Communication with the filmmakers is excellent. I think this festival will continue to grow in stature in the years to come.

    August 2023
  • Polina Teif

    Thank you so much for including our documentary Bittersweet Becoming in this year's festival. It was our Canadian premiere and we are truly honoured to receive the award for best Canadian long-from documentary. It means a lot to us.

    August 2023
  • Thanks for finally including us to the festival... As filmmakers from Regina, Saskatchewan, we loved that we didn't have to pay for anything the entire week of the event. It made us feel like honoured guests. We deserve it for the hard work we put into our entertainment/art. The festival was all very elaborately organized. I was especially impressed by the appetizers prior to the award ceremony! I didn't expect that and it was great! We also liked that we were given an opportunity to discuss our work with an audience. The after party was also very pleasant and great to network. However the presentation of awards was very disappointing. Apart from the local filmmakers of our province, NOBODY SHOWED UP TO ACCEPT THEIR AWARD. So for about two hours we watched the festival organizers accept awards on behalf of filmmakers. It was weird and felt like they were awarding themselves for putting on this show... Like did they not anticipate that people from China or India wouldn't show up to Regina, Saskatchewan? Come on... What's up with most of the organizers being from Toronto? I run my own festival (WCIFF) and some of these films I noticed were the same ones on Filmfreeway that I as a festival admin could have sent a 100% discount to in order for my festival to appear, so I wonder how many of the films at RIFFA were legitimate paid entries. Ultimate decision making actually belongs to the person with admin access to the Filmfreeway account and the official festival email. I also know as a festival organizer myself that a lot of international films are submitted to my own festival for free and beg to have the film play even though it's clear the filmmakers had a decent budget. For example, I think a year or two ago, a film called "Dajla: Cinema and Oblivion" was sent to my festival for free along with a spammy, broken English, message that explained how they couldn't pay 12 dollars to enter my festival. So I played their film because I don't care. Well, turns out "Dajla: Cinema and Oblivion" actually won best Documentary at RIFFA while our own films (filmed and produced in REGINA), got snubbed by the "jury". I submitted two local films at the time and paid something around 80 dollars just to be rejected by RIFFA while a film who most likely didn't pay (because they couldn't afford a 12 dollar entry at my festival) won an award. I'm only saying this, not to be rude or cause discord, but because I don't feel much respect or consideration was given to the local filmmakers and it all seems very sketchy. Most of the Festival organizers that we talked to didn't know what our film was or that it was playing in the festival and that hurt a lot... It made us extremely sad. All the local filmmakers got placed in a single category at the very end of the awards night. Why not consider Saskatchewan films for Best Short Film as well as Best Saskatchewan Film? Like give us more incentive to remain engaged throughout the night. At least fool us into thinking we might win in a different category. I get that Saskatchewan films might lack technical quality but thats because none of us get any funding. There hasn't been any real funding in like 10 years. Like we are trying to rebuild the film industry here, this festival should be promoting local films extensively. Get people talking more about film in Saskatchewan... That being said, we would love to participate again but hopefully there will be more improvements since this festival does have great potential.

    August 2023