The Queens Underground 718 International Film Festival with Live Screenings in July is a platform for the New, Amateur, and Professional Filmmaker. For the Independent, Indie Filmmaker, Performer (singer, rapper, poet, musician, and/or dancer), and Small Business/Entrepreneur ready to engage and promote to new audiences, have the opportunity to win prizes (cash, merchandise, and mentoring), have their works shown and/or discussed on multiple large platforms and begin or continue their career in the film industry, this Festival is for YOU.

Featuring Categories for Best Movie, Performance Video Story (Singers, Dancers, Rappers, Poets, Authors, Visual Artists, Storytellers & Musicians), and Small Business Commercial we embrace both traditional and non-traditional forms of story telling. Finally, there's a Platform for non-traditional Submissions!

International and Diverse Submissions are accepted from all over the world from April 2019 through June 22, 2019; the Festival Extravaganza, Screenings, Panel Discussions, et al span from July 5th - 10th.

Screenings and receptions will be begin in Queens, NY (Home to historical creative legends such as Count Basie, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Lena Horne, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Keith Murray, A Tribe Called Quest, 50 Cent, Salt & Peppa, Al Roker, and so many more!

Genres: Dramatic, Mysterious, Educational, Abstract, Animated, Comedic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Fringe Horror, Action, Adventure, Family, Documentary, Romantic, Indie, and/or Historical, submit several entries or to several categories by following the requirements and submitting within the deadlines.

Primary Requirements:

-Movie (Must be under 40 minutes)
-Performance Video (Singers, Poets, Dancers, Musical Bands - must be under 3 minutes)
-Small Business Commercial (qualified as under 10 employees - must be under 2 minutes)

Primary Criteria:
Brings an “Aha” Moment - Does your production generate a reaction from the audience - Coming of Age, Community, Social Issue, etc., - Stories that you laugh, cry, think, change your mind, want to learn something new - are powerful tools to integrate
to engage your audience.

The audiences and judges are anxiously waiting to enjoy and support your dedication to your craft.

While there is a contest, keep in mind that submissions do not compete against each other, rather, its all about reviewing entries based on the criteria for each category.The main criteria is the “Story” - Does your movie, performance video, or small business commercial tell a complete story, engage the audience?

Filmmakers may submit from anywhere in the world. Non-English Audio Must have English Subtitles, All submissions must meet the deadline requirements, and additional prizes will be awarded for Best Actor /Actress, Musical Score, and Cinematography. Films, Videos and Commercials entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards.

Email: for Applications and Contest Rules, Prizes, etc.

Visit: to learn more and stay updated, enter, and purchase screening tickets.

Watch: It’s Your Voice Live Talk Show on Tuesdays from 8pm - 9pm EST on Youtube: Queens Underground 718 and Instagram to stay updated and see tidbits of recent submissions.

ALL WINNERS will receive a digital certificate, posting on all Queens Underground 718 website and social media platforms, talk show interview, and chance to have the interview also aired on TV. Winners will be announced on Live Stream, remain on our websites, and promoted via many social media platforms.

The Festival includes exciting half and full days of screenings, receptions, and after-parties and a Live Stream Awards Ceremony. Expert Film Industry, Music Industry, and TV Show panelists and judges.

Check for Updates at: or email:

Based On The Number Of Entries, Winners Will Be Announced and Contacted Between July 9th and mid-August.

3rd place: Queens Underground 718 Film Festival T-shirt, VIP pass (Free access to Film screenings at Queens Center of the Arts) and a digital certificate..

2nd place: All of the above, $150, and discounted access to Queen’s Center of the Art’s for auditions, rehearsals, private screenings, production meetings, etc.

1st place: All of the above and $300 towards your next film project, Trophy, access to Queen’s Center of the Arts for all purposes, appointed executive producer to oversee next film production. Interview on Live Talk Show, Article/Photos in Directory and ongoing promotion of your submitted project and future project, etc.

Additional Prizes Will Be Awarded - Stay Tuned!

Other Prizes

Audience Favorite
Best Screenplay
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Musical Score

Check for Updates at:

Submit for Categories:
1. Movie: From 10 minutes to 40 minutes; (please note that any films which were submitted prior to the ten (10) minute minimum length will still be accepted and judged as all other entries).
2. Small Business Commercial (small business under 10 employees) no more than 2 minutes;
3. Performers (poets, singers, dancers, musicians, writers, songwriters, rappers) no more than 3 minutes.

Films, Performance Videos (Singers, Rappers, Poets, Musicians, and Storytellers), and Small Business Commercials (with under 10 employees) may be submitted from anywhere in the world.

If the audio is not English, complete subtitles in English must be included for all characters and sounds.

Filmmakers may submit several movies, videos, or commercials per category and/or submit works for 1, 2, or 3 categories - each submission requires a with separate application.

You understand and agree that your work is original and not copy written by any other individual or group. Your work may include whole or part of any works that are classified as Public Domain in the United States Of America.

By submitting your film, video, small business commercial, photo’s, short bio and synopsis (required) you are giving us full permission to use any or all of the materials to promote, advertise, market, and screen publicly.

Submissions may not contain any or suggest any content that is violent, racist, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, hateful, sexual, culturally, or ethnically offensive in any way.

Queens Underground 718 reserves the right, to remove or delete your submission without notice and without limitations where any instances of non-compliance has occurred.

Entry does not guarantee acceptance into the film festival, all requirements must be met.
Scheduling of screenings is determined by Queens Underground 718.

Rough cuts and incomplete projects may not be selected for public screening.

Full credit for all participants must be included.

All deadlines must be met.

With your submission you are herby agreeing to indemnify and hold completely harmless the Queens Underground 718 International Film Festival, Queens Center Of The Arts, its management, juries, subsidiaries, agents, sponsors, affiliates, etc. from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and all court costs/fees) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of, or damage to, the screening videos entered.

You understand that No materials will be returned.

You understand that If entries exceed the expected amount, the dates for screenings, and announcement of winner may be extended.

You will be notified of any changes for dates, policies, and pricing.

The winners may be chosen on the last night and may be announced live prior to notifying individual winners.

If you do not read or speak English - you are responsible to find and utilize a translator or translation App. All communication with the Festival Team must be in English. Queens Underground does not accept responsibility for any Non-English mis-communications.

Translations for your submissions must be accurate and exact. Any entry with misrepresented subtitles will be removed immediately and further action may be taken.

Entry fees and other fees are non-refundable. Cash prizes will be sent in US dollars and only transferred through standard online business Apps, such as Paypal, CashApp, or Zelle.

Check for Updates at:

SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: Queens Underground 718