On 5 days we screen more than 16 movies from, about and of punk, chaos, anarchy and gentrification.
Like every year we have live acoustic sets from different musicians at the cinema.
We are extra excited if filmmakers wish to visit the festival in order to give talks or workshops on a particular aspect of diy cinema. We are committed to creating space for punk and resistance voices and visions.

There will be also a live show at near venue.

The Punkfilmfest Berlin screens movies from, about and with punk, chaos, anarchy and gentrification.

Audience Choice Award
Short movie Award
Animation Punk Award
Punk Music Video Award

TDTW (too drunk to watch) accepts submissions of both short and feature-length films, as well as films that don't fit neatly in either of those formats.
You may submit films regardless of prior screening status or year of completion.
ONLY formats: mp4 with aac sound codec, blu-ray discs; DCP!!!!
Promo materials such as posters, t-shirts, etc. are very welcome and will be distributed to the audience at the festival.
Once a film has been accepted into the official festival program it can no longer be withdrawn.
The filmmaker grants permission to TDTW to screen the film at the advertised festival as well as future TDTW events (unless indicated otherwise in a cover letter with the submission form).
The filmmaker agrees that the festival can use up to 5 stills from the movie for promotional purposes.

Overall Rating
  • Ami Skånberg

    Great festival, fun niche, and lovely communication!

    November 2023
  • Antonio Rotunno

    A really cool and distinctive festival that combines live punk music with movies! Thank you for selecting "A Taco" from Mexico, I would have loved to be there but distance is complicated!

    September 2023
  • Ewan McPherson

    A great festival that has the true spirit of punk at it's heart.

    September 2023
  • After completing my film, I entered it in the "TOO DRUNK TO WATCH" Punkfilmfest Berlin. I did this because it is part of a global punk rock community, I found correspondence with the people there very professional. I followed through with all the suggestions they made such as adding transcripts to my narrative. I have edited it again for clearer reading. It was an honor to be picked and I hope to share my Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine the Narrative Documentary / Film Epeisodion Two next year. I earned my first Laurel Award, and this will always be special to me. I know my film was well received. As any filmmaker knows how good it feels to share their narrative or creation story. To be seen and heard and thought about is our goal. I was involved online on Facebook and Instagram and concurrent with what was happening every day of this film-fest. Well done. 10 Year Celebration!

    September 2023
  • Shawna Virago

    Too Drunk To Watch keeps the flame of both DIY film alive and DIY punk community alive. One of my favorite festivals!

    December 2022