We will be showcase movies from Up and Coming Filmmakers and how we can support them with our new Crusade. We will donate $3 from Every submission fee to the Cleveland Food Bank. The Food Bank can provide 4 nutrious meals for $1. Your fee helps provide 12 meals. We will also give you a "Starter Home" in our new online Social Network/Sales Platform "BlockCityP2C," which is sponsored by JumpStart Core City: Cleveland, KeyBank Business Boost & Build program, The Cleveland Foundation and the City of Cleveland.

All entries wil be considered for inclusion in our new online TV network "Prelude2CinemaTV."

THE ONLY FESTIVAL AND FILM MARKET IN NORTHEAST OHIO - Accepts Movies from all over the World.


FESTIVAL WILL TAKE PLACE FOUR TIMES A YEAR- Rolling Admission Date. Check Website for Screening Locations. We are an indie movie studio and have a production fund for filmmakers. All filmmakers submitted we be considered for funding.

If you have already submitted a movie, there is no need to submit the same work again unless extensive changes have been made. Contact us, if you have questions.

This is our Second Year, and we aim to be different from any other Festival out there. We are Filmmakers who have designed the Festival around what every Filmmaker needs: Marketing and Distribution. Our winners will receive marketing packages and distribution from Prelude2Cinema. READ THE DESCRIPTION OF OUR FESTIVAL AND EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED- WHICH IS TO GET YOUR MOVIE AN AUDIENCE.


We will list the Schedule of Movies at the Festival Website . VISIT WEBSITE FOR INFO.

We may screen your movie (if selected) at more than one event.

Awards and Special Host

Get Ticket online or at the Door. Filmmakers will receive two free passes.
Instead of just screening your movie, we will offer a "Cinematic Experience" and have pop-up stores and entertainment from musicians and staged readings and interact with the audience who will vote on which movie should reach a wider audience.


Will you answer my questions if I contact you?
While we are currently busy working on developing this Festival and our other projects, we strive to respond to questions within a reasonable amount of time. However, some of your questions might already be answered. PLEASE READ THE FAQS BEFORE SENDING US AN EMAIL.

Why does this Festival take place more than once a year?
Prelude2Cinema is seeking movies to distribute and produce. The festival allows us to build our brand and find which movies are marketable to an audience. The focus on distribution is what makes us a little different from other festivals. Prelude2Cinema wants to work closely with the films we choose and develop a distribution and marketing strategy for the winners of the festival. Some movies may be screened at more than one festival. Our goal is to find Movies for the purpose of Distribution, which can eventually create a broader audience beyond initial screenings at film festivals. We think big.

Why aren't submissions free?
Submission fees help to cover the cost of hosting the event, such as securing the venue, taking care of advertising, paying our staff to screen the films and market the filmmakers and the festival and much more in an effort to create a viable independent filmmaking industry in Northeast Ohio. We have worked to make the fee as affordable for new filmmakers as possible and will offer waivers in select cases; however, to keep the Festival running, we currently do need to charge an entrance fee.

Is there a fixed screening schedule?
We are working on the details of this, but we have changed the schedule from time to time based on filmmaker appearances. We hope to have a set schedule to announce as soon as we decide on the movies.

Will ever movie screen at the monthly festival?
We may need to schedule more than one day for the festival which is non-consecutive. Certain movies we need to screen by themselves to have the major impact on the audience. Holding the Festival more than once a year allows us flexibility. We are also interested in picking up movies for Distribution.

Do we give laurels?
Yes. We will have Laurels and awards. We hope to also work with some filmmakers on producing their future movies.

I submitted once, do I need to submit again?
Not unless the movie has changed. Since we do monthly screenings, we may select a movie and then screen it at a different event.

I have a suggestion. Can I tell you what it is?
We are open to suggestions, but we do have a vision and so we will listen to suggestions, but we also have to keep our vision in mind.

Will you let me know if you don't accept my movie?
We believe that it is important to communicate with everyone who enters our Festival. At this time, we are still a small festival and can only accept a certain number of movies. If your film is not chosen this first time around, perhaps try again in the future. Submit your best work for consideration. We look forward to seeing your talent!

If I submitted for a previous Season, do I need to submit again? NO. We may rescreen movies from previous festivals and or do special events with movies submitted to us. Do not submit again, but feel free to contact us about the status of your movie and the expected screening.

Can I come to a screening?
Yes. We would love to have you come. Check with us for exact time, date and venue. If you want to bring cast and crew, that is fine. They do not have to pay but try to limit guests to more than a half dozen. We may have a panel discussion with you at the event.

Can I send you press and SWAG for the event? Of course. Marketing is key to a movie's success. Feel fee to help us promote you.

Distribution and Marketing from Prelude2Cinema
Funding for movies from Screenplays.
If you have the next "Avengers," type movie, we suggest you contact Warner Brothers.

Visit official site for Trailers from Movies at "Prelude2Cinema presents"

SCREENPLAYS BEING ACCEPTED. We are looking at the production of movies and we will do a "staged reading" of the opening scene from at least two to three features. We will work on producing one of the features or a short from those submitted.

UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAYS - W e are working on funding filmmakers, so we are interested in unproduced screenplays which we may option. This would include shorts and features.

We are looking for original shorts and features. As a Filmmaker, it is your responsible to make certain you own the rights to the story, and have permission to use the brands and music in the movie.

Do not submit works in progress. Do not submit industrial or instructional works.

Our Festival is seeking Movies for Distribution, so it doesn't matter what year your movie was created.

-All linear films under 45 minutes are considered short films.

-All films must be submitted as either an online screener or on 2 DVDs (Region1 US DVD format is preferred. If not region 1, please let us know. We accept region free DVDs) for consideration by the Selection Committee. Please check DVD to make certain it plays properly. Or send an online link. Password links are fine as long as you provide the password.

-All DVDs must be labeled clearly with title, runtime, contact info, and FilmFreeway tracking number.

-DVDs submitted will NOT be returned.

After submitting, please check your FilmFreeway account to make sure that your submission meets our requirements and has been accepted for consideration. It is your responsibility to make sure all requirements are met and necessary information is given.

Prelude2Cinema reserves the right to use images from films selected in Festival marketing purposes (web, print media, and television).

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