"I don't know if you know how magical a place Port Townsend is, but if you don't, you should find out. This is a tiny town on an incredible bay with four independent bookstores and a ton of people who love film. I'm smiling because this place, this festival is, like I said, magical." Chris Cooper, who along with Beau Bridges were 2015 special guests.

"PTFF is what I dream about when we make films. I dream we'll meet living breathing people who go to our movies. We'll meet people who have always loved our movies and people who have just discovered them. This is what heaven must be like, where everybody gets your jokes. And run like clockwork by grown ups, at sea level.”
Maggie Renzi

Producer Maggie Renzi was our special guest with her collaborator, director John Sayles in 2014. John & Maggie’s support has really enhanced our notoriety with the press, filmmakers and with regional film lovers. This enchanted Victorian seaport hosts seven indoor theatres and just for fun, we screen a free movie each night under the stars.

Port Townsend, 60 miles north of Seattle, is a favorite resort destination town. We’re a well educated, articulate bunch and we’ve loved and supported independent film here for 16 years.

We’re at the end of a stunning little peninsula that juts into Puget Sound, adjacent to Olympic National Park and we’re surrounded by some of the highest mountain peaks in the United States. Our three-day Film Festival is in the completely walkable National Historic District on the waterfront.

Our filmmakers are treated like royalty, with an opening parade, parties, a filmmakers’ private lounge, free lodging, and pickup at SeaTac Airport. Travel support may be available!

Some comments from filmmakers: “The dance party on stage at the Rose on closing night was so fun!” "This was by far the most filmmaker-friendly festival we've attended. It was lovely to be so taken care of!! Thank you...” “Support for the festival by the community was remarkable!” “Such a beautiful room with a view of the mountains and a one-minute walk to my venue!” “At 8 a.m., the line for my film was around the block!”

We look forward to seeing your work,

Janette Force, Executive Director
Jane Julian, Director of Programming

Awards & Prizes

• Best Narrative Feature
• Best Documentary Feature
• Best Narrative Short
• Best Documentary Short
• Best Adventure Film
• Best Animated Film (of any length)
• Audience Choice in all categories as well as special prizes awarded at the discretion of the jurors.

Rules & Terms

I agree that I have secured all necessary rights for both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights including but not limited to music, images, and content. I further grant PTFF the right to use clips from the film at the Festival or online for promotional, archival, and other non-commercial uses and allow PTFF to retain one copy of the project for use in PTFF library, patron use only.

5 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    David Katz

    Amazing festival. Very well organized, super hospitality and awesome to meet other filmmakers. Would definitely recommend to other filmmakers.

    September 2017
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    bill jarcho

    What a wonderful event. Can't wait to return again.

    September 2017
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    Marta Renzi

    A beautiful location, an engaged community, generous hospitality and a great slate of films. It doesn't get any better than this. Each film is screened twice, which is a bonus - and each venue has its charms. The Parade seems like just a goof but turns out to be a novel way to connect with people. Port Townsend is proof that a festival experience can be joyous and playful as well as thought-provoking and intense.

    September 2017
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    Burleigh Smith

    Great festival run by great people!

    October 2016
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    Pau Escribano

    Great festival in a marvelous place.

    October 2016