Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the best and boldest comedy has to offer by showcasing comedic writing, directing, sketch, improv, shorts, and feature films from all over the world. #PLCCFF is where the weird, wacky, and absurd comedy projects are showcased. Our Poorest Life Choice Award Short & Feature are given to the projects that best represent the overall spirit of the comedy festival.

With our All-Access Ticket you can watch what you want, when you want, where you want during our 72 hours online festival only on PoorLifeChoices.TV. Our festival connects the viewers directly to the filmmakers' accounts so they can like, comment, and subscribe to their favorite artists.

100% of ticket sales are donated to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Thank you very much for your contribution towards a wonderful and charitable organization.

The Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival Team

Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival Categories & Awards

Domestic and International "Best" awards for most categories. "Best Duo", "Best Ensemble", "Exceptional Filmmaking", “Truth in Comedy Award” for best grounded comedy. “Alternative-Alternative Award” for positive representation of alternative lifestyles. "The Poorest Life Choice Award", Short & Feature to the projects that best represent the spirit of the Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival.

Action Comedy Short Film
Action Comedy Feature Film
Classic Comedy Short Film
Classic Comedy Feature Film
Dark/Blue Comedy Short Film
Dark/Blue Comedy Feature Film
Horror Comedy Short Film
Horror Comedy Feature Film
Mockumentary Short Film
Mockumentary Feature Film
Rom-Com Short Film
Rom-Com Feature
Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Short Film
Stoner/Cannabis Comedy Feature Film
Comedy Web Series
Comedy Sketch
Improv Comedy
Specialty Awards
Best Comedy Character
Best Video Podcast
Best Alternative-Alternative Comedy Award
Best Ensemble Award
Truth in Comedy Award
Poorest Life Choice Award | Short
Poorest Life Choice Award | Feature

Thank you for submitting! Our rules are simple. 1. You must have the right to screen the project publicly. 2.) You must have a digital online submission available. 3.) You give the festival the right to use artwork, stills, and clips from your project for marketing and promotion. 4.) Projects must be in English or subtitled in English. Questions? Contact PoorLifeChoicesComedyFilmFest@Gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • This was an awesome festival! We were honored to be selected for the indie feature There May Be Ghosts, and we are so proud to walk away with the Best Mockumentary Feature award. This should be the gold standard for online festivals. Their website was easy to navigate, and filmmaker access was very easy to use and simple. The PLCCFF team is so communicative and wonderful to work with. Their online awards show was a lot of fun as well. I'm so grateful there's a place for low budget comedies to be recognized and appreciated. The proceeds going entirely to a good cause make this festival one of the very best of its kind. One of the best festival experiences I've had yet, 10/10 highly recommend this festival!

    June 2022
  • Aaron Wilson

    Amazing, and I am thankful for them!

    May 2022
  • Trisideon None

    This was a super fun festival to be a part of and I’m honored that they considered my work award worthy. This gave me a huge boost to my self esteem and confidence with my film making prowess.

    May 2022
  • Toon Buds

    Awesome Festival! Had a Blast! A Must Enter!

    April 2022
  • A great film festival ' lovely to be part of it.

    April 2022