Podgorica film festival is being organized for the third year in a row by NGO Podgorica film festival, in cooperation with the Cinematheque of Montenegro and Film Center of Montengero.
This is the first long feature film festival in Podgorica. There is no capital city in the developed part of Europe that doesn’t have at least one event of this kind, and with this festival Podgorica gets its own place on the Euorpean festival map.
The purpose of the Festival is to develop the audience and to promote the act of watching films in cinemas; to discover and bring to attention the quality film artworks and to encourage the development of film and audiovisual art and industry in our region.
Within the educational part of the programme Podgorica Film Festival’s guests from abroad will hold workshops and open lectures, in cooperation with the Faculty of Visual Arts, giving the audience a unique access to topics on modern cinematography and the possibility to interact with thelecturers.

Podgorica Film Festival’s programme within its accompanying part offers various ways for the audience to engage in cultural events in our encirclement. The original idea of the Festival was to create a unique place where useful and quality communication would be carried out and where possibilities of interested individuals’ engagement in its realization would be opened. Cinematography in Montenegro, unlike the circumabience states, is placed on an unenviable level, so the Festival’s long-term purpose is to create a matchmaking place where people with goals of mutual projects realization would gather in an unpretentious surrounding; it’s purpose is also to promote Montenegro as an attractive filmmaking destination and to contribute to the advancement of that particular culture sector.
The purpose of the Festival is to entertain film lovers and a new, young film audience; to raise awareness and promote filmmaking with artistic value; to promote all aspects of international and Montenegrin cinematography as a form of art, entertainment and industry. Its purpose is also to promote international collaboration, European coproduction and understanding between cultures; to contribute to the development and promoting of art cinema and film industry.