Pluribus Fest is an upcoming multimedia and interactive festival focused on international multimedia short films. It will take place in Naples (Italy) in March 2021.

Best multimedia short film
Best Social Impact multimedia short film
Best audience award

In order to apply for the multimedia short film section, each participant must realize a short film (min. 3 minutes max. 4 minutes long) involving the development of the story along 4 displays to allow an immersive vision.
Therefore, when developing a scene, besides realizing a projection on the frontal display (which represents the main narrative), at least other two lateral projections are needed (while the frontal and the back displays may represent the same narrative).

The clips related to the specific displays must be handed in via a single pre-edited video including the clips in sequence (named front screen right screen left screen back screen) via private Vimeo or similar link.

To conclude the enrollment, candidates must send an email to attaching:
1. Payment proof
2. A private vimeo link including the videos for each display edited in sequence specifying:
a. Frontal/back display
b. Right display
c. Left display
Should a candidate decide to split the frontal and back display, they must send 4 video files in sequence.
3. Word document including: Video title – Plot – Director – Director of Photography – Editor – Producer(s) (person or company) – Format – Resolution – Length – Original language

NB: All of the attachments must be sent through a single email