As you are all aware, the pandemic has affected every facet of our society. Picture Show Panic is in an area hard hit by this and so with that in mind, we have decided that for this year only we are pivoting to an online festival that will be hosted on Vimeo from October 29th- November 1st.
We understand if this is not ideal. We hope to put as many eyes on your films as possible. Hope that you can stick with us as we navigate this strange time.

We are a festival for horror fans, by horror fans! Picture Show Panic will proudly present short horror films for your consumption from October 29th- November 1st Streaming online.

We are searching for the most horrifying shorts we can get our hands on!

We will have THREE categories. "Best in show", "Animated", and "Strange and Unusual"!

We have a single prize for our "Best in Show" category where the winner will receive an amazing piece of art by famed horror creator Michael Burnett. See our picture gallery to check it out. We think it's pretty cool.


Picture Show Panic does not own your submitted work. Picture Show Panic will never hold any rights to your film. We don't want it, nor do we deserve it. We will respect your rights as filmmakers. Take your film to a thousand film festivals, use your film to advertise on a million Youtube channels and get that Hollywood deal. Picture Show Panic will wish you the best. We just want to use your film in our humble film festival.


Films must not exceed 16 minutes long with all credits included. We do accept unrated pieces, but please refrain from blatant pornography and racist material.


Submitting your work to Picture Show Panic will allow the use of your film (if chosen) to be added together with the other winning entries to create one feature-length presentation that will be shown ONLY at the festival from October 29th- November 1st. The shorts will be melded together in an "anthology" style film. All credits will remain. We will not edit your feature in any way. We will, however, have a minor transition between films yet to be determined. This "anthology" will not be made for sale or distributed in any way.


Submitting your work will allow Picture Show Panic to use your film in advertising purposes across any and all media channels picture show panic deems appropriate. We will advertise heavily via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). We will also link to whichever social media channels you supply. Submitting your work and participating, if chosen grants picture show panic permission to interview you on audio and video for promotional purposes and documentary purposes. This being our first year, we will be documenting this event heavily. We would love the opportunity to include you in this process.


Picture Show Panic will provide no compensation to use your creative work. Picture Show Panic will not reimburse for travel and expenses associated with attending this festival. We will, however, award one filmmaker a cool trophy to display. And if you are super really into laurels, we can also provide "official Picture Show Panic" Laurels for your use.


Submitting your work to Picture Show Panic means you own all rights to the content featured and used in your production. That means all the effects, music, video is yours and yours alone. We would prefer not to police the content. If you are using music or video assets and they don’t belong to you, simply provide releases to Picture Show Panic. If your film is selected we will then send you the appropriate release forms.


Films MUST be less than 16 MINUTES in length. Anything over 16 minutes will be automatically rejected even if it was directed by John Carpenter himself….Well….

Overall Rating
  • Cynthia Bergen

    Thank you! Picture Show Panic for Official Selections. The Death Cleaners and Abcessed. Keep up the good work keeping horror Indie Films Alive! Cynthia Bergen, No Sleep Films

    January 2021
  • Trent Duncan

    Great event. Happy the pushed forward through the pandemic to showcase films. Looking forward to submitting again!

    November 2020
  • Great team of programmers that really put a lot of effort into their work. Great on communication. This festival is a 5/5 for me and I'll definitely be aiming to submit again in the future.

    November 2020
  • Ustin Danchuck

    great festival, from lineup to presentation of the screening and communucation with participants! highly recomended

    November 2020
  • Geoff Harmer

    I was unable to attend the event, but the communication has been fab! I hope I can get my next film in to this event and attend!

    November 2019