Petit Plan is a cinematic action exclusively geared for school audiences, with free screenings and discussions on the films.
More than 20.000 students have enjoyed the films since the cinematic actions began in 2016.
Screenings are usually with a theme, for example: Independent cinema, immigration issues, xenophobia, the Holocaust, etc.

Petit Plan: East to West intends to familiarise school audiences with the rich cinematic art of China, Japan, S.Korea and Taiwan.

Entry to the screenings are completely free to students and schools at a venue accessible to people with mobility problems, the Hellenic American Union. (

Audience Award based on the students' voting.
All films screened are eligible for the audience award.
The awards is non-monetary.

Petit Plan: East to West - Rules & Terms:

-Petit Plan welcomes short films from China, Japan, S.Korea and Taiwan
-Short films should be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes.
-All screenings of the films will be done with digital files, no DCPs.
-All submissions are non-refundable.
-Due to COVID-19, the festival may take place online, so if your film is selected you consent to your film being screened online in a geoblocked screening to Greece.

Here follows the official Rules & Terms:

Petit Plan is an independent non-for-profit action by NGO "O KYVOS" and curated by Mooviereel ( offering students the possibility of enjoying the beauty of independent cinema.

The Festival screens, on a predetermined schedule, films, that fulfil the conditions of participation and are submitted validly within the deadlines set and announced. Participants must submit one copy of the film in their screening format, as filed in the application form.

The Festival is organized once a year, with the duration and the participants' selection and the screenings' programme all subject to the absolute choice of the Production Team.

Films of racist, pedophile or other content, offending human dignity or supporting any discrimination against individuals or groups of people based “on racial or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation” as well as films violating any third parties lawful rights including Intellectual Property rights are not eligible for participation in the Festival.

With the submission of an application form for a film, participants, both director(s) and producer(s) unconditionally accept the terms of present and allow the use of excerpts or the entire film by the organizers for publicity and archive purposes of the Festival only. Any other use of the film is subject to the prior consent of the director and producer.

The Festival bears no liability for any loss or damage of the audiovisual and other material submitted by film applicants, may not request any entry fees from them and may not pay any screening fees to any film participant.

The Production Team of the Festival may cancel at any time the event, provided that the circumstances render its realization unfeasible.