It is a Festival of feature documentaries which emphasizes mainly on European documentary with masterclasses, retrospectives, parallel events, educational screenings, seminars and so on. The main Festival takes place in Kalamata and part of the program is screened in seven or more cities of the Peloponnese.
The overall attendance every year reaches approximately 12.000 to 13.000 viewers.

The 6th Peloponnisos International documentary Festival was held from January 17th to January 27th 2020. The awards
Audience Award for the Best International Documentary
--- The Silence of Others / El Silencio de Otros ----
by Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar
Audience Award for the Best Greek Documentary
---- Happy Princes- Príncipes Felizes by Panos Deligiannis
The Awards of the Festival's Equality Committee. The Jury members Iara Lee, Robert Rombout and Stella Theodorakis , in films that highlight the issue of gender relations. The Jury saw the 14 films competing with great interest and appreciated their multifaced response to extremely difficult issues concerning humanity and undermining Equality and its legal order.
1.Maid in Hell (Why Slavery Series) by Søren Klovborg's
2.What colour is this world by Ralitza Dimitrova
Honorable mentions to two of the films
«Dancing with monica» by Anja Dalhoff
«Hell and hope» by Amish Srivastava

The 7th Peloponnisos International documentary festival will take place from February 18th to 28th 2021. Due to the 200 years celebration of Greek Independence the festival will exclusively select documentaries under the general theme" Conquering freedom" ( on a global scale) ( including human rights, gender equality, enviromental issues)

Previous awards
In 1017 for best foreign documentary went to the documentary Ketermaya by Lucas Lejderzak and for best greek documentary to “ The longest run” by Marianna Oikonomou.
in 2018 for best foreign documentary went to the documentary Canto a la vita by Nathalie Rossetti ,Turi Finocchiaro and for best greek to «Thessaloniki 1917: the fire that gave birth to a city» by Gregory Vradarinos
In 2019 the audience award for best foreign documentary went to the film A woman captured by Bernadet Tuza Ritter and for best greek to "A tree remembers" by Constantinos Follas. The two awards by the Secretary of equality went to “I itsai Romni” by Evaggelia Goula (Greece) and “Belle de Nuit” by Marie-Eve de Grave ( France) and a special mention to “Punishment Island” by Laura Cini “(Italy).
2 special awards by the committee of the University students went to “Guerrilla Voices” by Sjoerd van Grootheest ( Colombia) and “ Painting by Ioanna Neofytou (Greece)


Viewers’ award for the best greek and foreign documentary.

2 Awards from the General Secretariat of Gender and Equality

1. Establishing of a gender equality award

As promoting of gender equality is considered, among other things, the promotion of positive alternative gender relations or gender identities models, elimination/subversion of gender stereotypes,the identification and removal of gender-based discriminations, promotion of the rights and struggles of women.

This award may be given to both female and male creators whose artistic work (content, the film’s style ) meets the above requirements.

2 Production award (for greek documentary)

For the artistic work production award the manner of the film’s making will also be considered in accordance with the following. Rewarding of the manner of production, the application of equal treatment principles for those working in the film (equal participation of men in the creation of the film as is stated in the information submitted at the festival).

In order to be accepted, greek submitted documentaries have to have english subtitles, while all foreign documentaries must have subtitles in both english and greek. Otherwise, the cost of the translation of English subtitles into greek, depending on the film’s length, ranges from 30 to 40 euros. Note that if there is no synced subtitle file in english, spanish, french or german, but only the transcript is delivered instead, the cost doubles including the syncing cost as well. When ready, the produced srt file is delivered to the director).

Important: The Organizing Team has the right to postpone or cancel the Festival due to force majeure, one month before the scheduled start date of the event.

Overall Rating

    We are glad our film was screened in the Peloponnisos Festival.
    Σοφία was superkind and a reliable professional to work with.
    Best wishes to all the team members that make this festival possible.

    June 2020
  • Miss you people so much ! thank you very much for your hospitality ! An amazing experience with two awards for our film "Happy Princes" !
    See you soon with a new project. Stay cool and safe. Panos Deligiannis.

    May 2020
  • We've had two films screening two years in a row. The communication was great, very informative. On both occasions, the director attended with additional members and came back with lots of good words about the hospitality. Thank you for choosing our films and looking forward to collaborate with you again in the future.

    March 2020
  • Great festival! Thank you for the thoughtful perception of my film!

    February 2020
  • Eric Simon

    This festival is fantastic. I had such a wonderful time. I regret being able to give only five stars for Hospitality, because this festival really deserves six. It's great to see how a community comes together for this annual event, and the people working on the festival collaborate so effectively.

    February 2020