What is Paperscreenplay?
Paperscreenplay is an IMDb approved bi-monthly writing challenge, one which comes with a very simple concept: all selected scripts get a ‘review box’ which summarises highlights and key production potential for all projects.

What is the writing challenge?
Nothing much… but a concept that the scripts being entered ‘fit’ a particular type. This is to ensure our team are judging scripts as a ‘block’ of a particular type and scale… I mean, shy of technique – how does one really compare a script set in space with one on a farm?

But, why Paperscreenplay?
As of Jan 2022 we have become very selective, with only five main awards per season. Meaning, per year - we only hand out 20 main prizes. The entry costs reflect this - we are aiming to keep this a cheap competition... but a hard one to win. Nominations however are at the judges discretion (i.e. determined by them, and as many as appropriate per categorisation).

*This is an IMDb approved event - https://www.imdb.com/event/ev0031000/overview/

As of Jan 2022 - we only had out 5 awards per season (20 per year), making this a cheap but very selective competition.

All nominated films will be provided with a 'review' block on our site, which will summarise a variety of highlights we loved, as well as its nominations/wins within our current challenge category. Please find an example of our competition here: https://paperscreenplay.com/nominations-and-wins/

All screenplays must be your original work, and you must credit and have permission to submit the script to us (this is applicable to writing teams as well). All decisions by the jury of Paperscreenplay are final. All scripts remain the property of the writer. Refunds will be issued at the discretion of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Salvatore Klezmer Riggio

    Thank you for your consideration.

    May 2024
  • I have only admiration for a screenplay contest that has the self-assurance and understanding of comedy to come straight out with a BEST CONCEPT win for my comedy feature screenplay VOODOO VALENTINOS. Special thanks for nominating my horror screenplay, SACRED SUN, - Best Technique & Best Genre Script.

    January 2024
  • Dave Wade

    I've been very lucky to have had three scripts (One Lousy Mistake, Judy's search for God and Pocketknife) nominated in the last 3 seasons (No luck with any awards yet however). I am immensely grateful for the acknowledgement and kind words shared.

    January 2024
  • I was thrilled to have my screenplay THE WOMAN CALLED THURSDAY win a "Best Technique" award, and I really appreciated the comments!

    January 2024
  • Jarrett Bryant

    Thank you for awarding, Jinxy and Mr. B, Best Script of Season 8. Writing is a very lonely occupation. It's nice to be acknowledged for our efforts from time to time.

    January 2024