The Palace International Film Festival (PIFF), now in its third year, and in partnership with The Palace Arts Collective, will be having our UK edition in Bristol in March 2019.

Piloted in a Polish Palace, this queer and experimental film festival bridges the gap between Bristol, Berlin and Wroclaw by connecting queer and experimental film from emerging talent. Experienced with multi-disciplinary performances by The Palace artists. The Palace International Film Festival emerged from The Palace Collective and Artist Residency in 2017. The aim of this Bristol edition is to give platform to the LGBTQ voice and to explore progressive queer attitudes whilst celebrating the extension of the term experimental. We connect queer work with the non linear and non-conventional in our Palace laboratory, creating conversations and elevating experimentation for the residents and public to interact with.


* Provide a unique community and intimate space for the filmmaker to make creative connections and showcase their work​

* Celebrate and discover emerging international talent​

* Nurture a creative community that will forge future collaboration for non commercial filmmakers

* Bridge a cultural gap between the cities of Bristol, Berlin and Wroclaw

* Appreciate film with a unique and intimate exhibition space

* Explore the notion of transmedia storytelling in a digital context

* Connect with The Palace Artist Residency community, sharing our skills, knowledge and resources for future collaborations

The Palace International Film Festival does not have competitions but instead six different focussed strands where we appreciate film on an equal level.

• The Palace International Film Festival is seeking feature length and short films (under 30 minutes) from all genres with particular attention to first time and second time filmmakers.
• We don't accept 35mm
• We don't screen DCP's
• DVDs are accepted for preview screening, we also accept secure online screeners.
• More than one entry may be submitted. Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form and entry fee.
• If your film is selected, you will be asked to provide headshot and filmographies of the creative team members; b&w and/or colour stills from the film; press materials; and video trailer (if available).
• The entry fee is non-refundable.
• The filmmaker agrees to deliver the hi-res Quicktime File or online screener to the festival no later than June 30th.
• DVDs and other submitted materials will not be returned. Please do not send film prints, master tapes or other originals.
• Each entrant warrants and represents that he/she is the creator of the submitted entry or the legal and duly authorized representative of the creator/rightsholder; that the entry is original and owned by entrant; that the entry is free of any claims by other parties; and that the entry was not created without authorization at one’s job, using your employer's equipment or on the employer's time, unless being submitted with employer permission. If an entry is disqualified an alternate winner will be selected by the judges based on the judging criteria.

Overall Rating
  • Tommy Naess

    Great to be selected to this festival. I could not attend myself but all communication and feedback was great. Thanks for screening my film.

    August 2018
  • Ronen Eldar

    The palace was absolutely magical and a one of a kind experience. It was more than just a film festival as it runs alongside the Palace arts residency. I got to meet so many wonderful people from different artistic background. The team was great, I felt very welcomed and had an amazing time. I will definitely attend next year!

    August 2017
    Response from festival:

    Ronen you are welcome any time - you're positivity and proactive take on engaging with our workshops did not go unnoticed. You brought a great energy to The Palace and we look forward to your artist residency application for next year!


    I was glad that my film was selected in such a great festival. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there for the screening, but I hope I will be able to come next year !

    August 2017