Paadmaan Video Event is an International periodical that surveys current video-based forms of art as an expansive, multi-venue event born in Tehran, Iran. This open call seeks to explore video as a primary, medium specific artform, as well as documentations of recent and emergent works of art including performance, installation, new media and video art in general. Organized by Paadmaan Projects, the Event considers ‘video’ as it’s central theme.

The Event is organized by two sections or categories:
• Video Art
• Video Documentation of Art

Video Art – any time-based electronic form that relies on video technology as a visual and audio medium. Open to all work (narrative, experimental, non-narrative) that is reflexive and utilizes video as the principal medium in expression. Works that feature a moving image paired with sound through the dimension of time as a primary mode of working.

Video Documentation of Art - Any work that makes use of video as a documentary medium to present, experience and disseminate an original work of art. This includes any work that combines with or utilizes video as a vehicle, device or medium to document an existing artwork - wherein the original form relies on video as a surrogate, or intermediary representation to experience and consider the original work. Examples might include performance, installations, ephemeral works, etc.

The event is interested in reviewing and featuring subjects in video that challenge conventional and existing methods of working and critical inquiry. Within the video documentation of art category, priority is given to works that exemplify the inherent challenges, decision-making and creative strategies used to translate the original work through the medium of video. Paadmaan Video Event is performed in collaboration with itinerant venues to create an open-ended, alternative platform for video screenings, cultural engagement and discourse of interdisciplinary forms in video. The resulting project will be archived and specific work may be screened in other Paadmaan events and iterations.


*Paadmaan (meaning ‘safeguard’ in Farsi) is an independent artist-run platform for contemporary art with an interdisciplinary approach established in 2018, based in Tehran. Through a variety of curatorial programming, Paadmaan seeks to expand on existing discourses surrounding contemporary art within various Iranian communities and supporting their input, transforming into output.

• The video event is open to visual, new media and interdisciplinary artists worldwide.
• Video in languages other than English (inc. those in Persian) must be subtitled in English.
• Running time of all works submitted shall not exceed 10 minutes. Work longer than 10 minutes will need to be edited (shortened) or will not be considered for the festival.
• All Video work must be original to the artist who is submitting. If the work is of a collaborative nature, or belonging to another artist, the submission must credit the original artist, and written permission from that artist must be granted, and provided to the festival. Submissions must secure the consent of All authors / creative parties involved in the project.
• Paadmaan Projects reserves the right to archive any video project chosen for screening and work may be featured in future programs in Iran as well as other countries. Note - all artists retain copyright of their original work as submitted.
• All video submissions to the festival should recognize and uphold the norms & standards governing copyright laws specific to their country of origin.

Overall Rating
  • excellent artistic event. Well organized

    February 2020
  • Loveliest team ! Great communication ! More than an event, they made an educational session with art, which should always be the main focus, and I really thank them for that !

    January 2020
  • Chihiro ITO

    Event & Design & people, was very cool!!

    December 2019