To offer an Overland thematic experience in a drive-in format, in a natural surrounding, creating a film competition to stimulate creativity and energize the overland market, whilst promoting to explore the countryside less known.

We aim to create a film competition for adventure travelers with film-making capabilities, ambitious in gaining visibility and hence improving their chances to finance future projects and adventures.
The main goals are to stimulate creativity and the adventure market with a credible and well-organized and advertised event.

Awards: "Best Movie", "Best Story", "Overland & Air", and "Special Mention"

All applications compete in multiple categories and can be selected in more than one;
The “Best Movie” award is the maximum distinction for the film with the highest aggregate score from the Jury;
The “Best Story” award will reward the film that tells the best story;
The "Overland & Air" award is meant to distinguish exceptional use of aerial footage to tell the story.
The "Special Mention" is intended for films that obtain at least a maximum rating among the members of the Jury;

The winners of the award are entitled to the official stamps of the Overland-IN competition, which can be used by the authors for further dissemination, available in high-resolution digital format;

The award-winning films will be announced as part of the Overland-IN event program. The inclusion of “Special Mention” films in the program is subject to availability assessment.

Selected films will be included on the official Vimeo, YouTube Overland-IN channels;

Winners are entitled to a free ticket to a future edition of Overland-IN events;

Prizes in specialized equipment worth more than € 10.000 to be distributed among the winners.

The rules and terms are published on the Overland-IN competition official site at In case of discrepancies, the rules published on the official website stands.

Each application must respect the characteristics described below, accompanied by the following material:
The film must be finished;
Digital copies in the following formats will be accepted: DCP, MP4, MOV, H264. Other formats are subject to analysis by the Competition Directorate and their acceptance is reserved;
The minimum accepted resolution is Full HD (1920x1080p);

The provision by its authors of a digital press kit containing photographs of the director, three high-resolution images of the film, poster (optional), and promotional versions of the film in competition (optional);
Submission paid by the competition deadline.

The film should ideally have been produced after January 1, 2019, despite the images and contents may refer to previous periods;

The films must be subordinated to the themes of travel, adventure, and Overland;

The official language of the contest is Portuguese. However, films in any other language will be accepted, provided that subtitles are available in Portuguese or English;

Each candidate can only submit one film;

The viewing session will be open to all ages, so it is suggested to omit content that may be considered offensive to children. Acceptance of unedited versions in these conditions is reserved to the Competition Directorate;

If the film is selected, the Organization has the right to publish the film on the Overland-IN channels (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube);

The film should focus on sharing a story, refraining from commercial content, such as advertisements, promotions, or advertising. It must also refrain from inciting or defending violence, racism, xenophobia, intolerance, or hatred.