The Orion Films Screenwriting Contest aims to get the youth of Hamilton County interested in and participating in filmmaking, more specifically screenwriting.

Kids ages 10 to 13 will submit their screenplays in one category, and kids ages 14 to 17 will submit their screenplays in a separate category. The submitted screenplays will be read by a panel of judges made up of English and Film teachers from around the county. The judges will select 10 screenplays from each age group, 20 total, to be finalists. These 20 will be invited to an event, that will take place virtually, where we will present awards to the winner and runner-up of each category. (Prizes are yet to be determined)

Screenplays must be submitted in correct format, which we understand is something that not everyone knows how to do. We encourage those thinking about writing a screenplay to research this information for yourselves, but if you do not know where to start then please do not hesitate to email us. We can provide you with free websites and browser extensions that will help you learn how to properly format your screenplays.

Some details have not yet been finalized, but by the final deadline of October 1st we will send out an email to everyone who has entered with information about prizes, timing, etc. If you wish to learn more about the organization Orion Films, please visit our website or email us with any questions.

Ages 10 - 13:

Winner - Prize TBA
Runner-Up - Prize TBA

Ages 14 - 17:

Winner - Prize TBA
Runner-Up - Prize TBA

All selected finalists will be given a certificate with a festival laurel noting their accomplishments. The winners and runners-up will receive special laurels noting their specific accomplishments. These laurels will also be distributed digitally so that contestants may add them to the poster for their screenplay or film to show their recognition at our contest.

- Submitters must be within the 10 - 17 age range and currently residing in Hamilton County

- Screenplays must be in correct format, and between five and twenty pages long

- Each person may submit up to 3 screenplays, but no more than 1 per person is allowed to be selected as a finalist

- All genres of screenplays are welcome