„The Woodstock of Short Film“. Ever since a British film magazine first used this expression to describe the unique atmosphere of the Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, a lot of things have changed. Digital) screening formats were established, the number of submitted films grew steadily and supporting events like a short film poetry slam, an animation workshop and a workshop for children were added.
However, the festival’s basic idea remains the same: A large and enthusiastic audience gathers to watch inventive and creative films not limited to a certain style, production method or format.
Filmmakers from all around the world present their films in person and answer questions. Live bands, local German beer and street food help to create the typical „Weiterstadt feeling“. To ensure that in our 48th year we can once again present our audience with a top-notch programme, we are looking for your creative works.
There are no limitations in genre or lenght, however if you film is longer than 60 minutes please contact us before submitting it. So if you have produced something that should be seen by others, send it to us!
Deadline is April 30th, 2024, but due to the vast number of submissions, we are happy about every film that arrives earlier. Originality and diversity, thrilling and exciting productions are extremely important to us.
Regulations and entry forms can be found below. As there are different application procedures for bands, VJs, installations or performances we advise you to get in touch with us first. You can also sent us your film directly without a fee. Information how to submit your (short)film directly can be found at our website.

There is one prize for Super 8: The Weiterstädter Filmhirsch

1. Due to the large number of submissions in previous years we have to restrict the length of films to 60 minutes. If you want to submit a film longer than 60 minutes, please contact the festival office before submitting it.
2. Films have to be produced in the year 2022, 2023 or 2024. Films older then 3 years may be submitted if there has not yet been a screening in Germany. It is not allowed to send the same films a second time.
3. There is no restriction to the number of entries a filmmaker may send to the festival.
4. For viewing copies a dialogue list may be sufficient, if pre-arranged with the festival.
5. Please attach a film still and short summary for the catalogue also as files (up to 700 characters including spaces in German or/ and English).
6. Viewing and projection copies / files with relevant dialogue must be in German or English language or must have German or English subtitles.
7. There is no entry fee for the filmmakers if you submit a film via e-mail and via post or courier. Please read our rules at www.filmfest-weiterstadt.de.
8. Please send a file of the film (DVD, CD, USB-Stick, others). Only Super 8 films can also be sent as film for the selection jury, if you don´t have any DVD / digital file of them. If you send the film from outside the EU, please mark it with: For cultural purpose only. Viewing copy for the selection jury. No commercial value. The viewing copies remain at the festival archive, we can not return them.
9. We will inform you for all films if they are selected or not. We try to do so as soon as possible, but please be aware that it takes time to watch all the submissions and cannot give information about the selection before we have seen all the films.
10. The shipping of selected films to the festival may be done as download or via courier. If it is done with courier, the festival covers only one way of shipping, either towards the festival or the return shipping / shipping to the next festival. Please do not send projection copies before receiving shipping information from the festival office.
11. The festival does pay a fee for the screenings if it is possible.
12. The festival supports filmmakers who visit the festival and present their selected films with some financial travel aid. However we are not able to pay the full travel costs. If films are selected, we will send more informations about that issue. Please do not make any travel arrangements before you get that information.
13. At the end of the festival there are some „best of“ screenings of selected films. The films for the „best of“ screening in Weiterstadt at the festival area are selected by the audience. The films for the „best of“ screenings in Darmstadt at the „Centralstation“ and Dresden are selected by a jury from the festival.