PLEASE READ OUR ENTIRE PROCESS BELOW. We CANNOT refund submission fees. Submit ONLY when ready to release within TWO MONTHS.


- YOU MUST HAVE LICENSING RIGHTS FOR ALL MUSIC USAGE. Licenses must have online usage rights -- including YouTube -- for all territories. Handshake agreements with labels/musicians will NOT work. You MUST obtain formal licenses (or be prepared to reach out to contacts to clear all claims). Nothing escapes YouTube's copyright system -- so have your paperwork and licensing contacts ready.
- We run ADS before and after films (but not during/within the film).
- We add a WATERMARK and a fade in/out of our OMELETO MARK at the beginning/end of films.
- Please REMOVE all intro credit sequences (or move them to the end). On average, 50 percent of online viewers leave within 30 seconds. YouTube interprets high bounce rate as viewer dissatisfaction -- so it's vital to start the story immediately. Otherwise, the film's reach will be limited.
- Non-English dialogue/English dialogue with heavy accents must have subtitles BURNED IN (not SRT caption files). Please split long lines so as not to overlap our watermark (in the lower right corner).
- If other YouTube channels will host the film, consider allowing us to be the first/original uploader. YouTube throttles/hides duplicate content to prevent spam -- so first/original uploader ensures we can reach as many viewers as possible. You can re-upload the film after we release it.


We look at quality and emotional impact of the storytelling. We also consider skill of craftsmanship and production value. There is no single aesthetic or genre that we look for over any other.

Note: We CANNOT showcase films that go against YouTube's rules for graphic nudity, excessive violence, explicit/overly implicit sex, depictions of suicide/self-harm, etc. YouTube is a family-friendly platform. If your film is flagged or age-restricted, we will need it recut to pass YouTube's strict guidelines -- otherwise, we can't release it.


- Once accepted, we will analyze, A/B test and monitor your film to push it as widely as possible.
- We start all films with an initial THREE-MONTH run -- and keep films on longer if they perform well (as determined by viewers -- based on their likes and dislikes, audience retention and watch time metrics).
- If momentum stagnates after the three-month run, we may give it a SECOND RUN on one of our genre-specific channels -- where metrics should improve and the likelihood to be recommended increases.
- If you need us to take down the film after the three-month run, let us know and we will remove it -- no questions asked. Similarly, we do NOT guarantee indefinite placement on Omeleto and may move/remove the film from our channels for any reason.
- All accepted submissions will receive proper credit, one link and in-depth writeup.

Overall Rating
  • Such an outstanding platform! Our short film Crush was accepted to Omeleto and we could not have been more honored to be a part of such a magnificent platform. Omeleto has stellar films and is excellent in every sense of the word. We truly recommend you to submit your film!

    May 2023
  • Allen & Kat are the GOATS. They really understand the digital landscape and how to get your films out there. After having two films released via omeleto, I can't tell you how helpful the platform they offer filmmakers has been to advancing my career.

    May 2023
  • Karl Richter

    Omeleto is a platform I've wanted to have work on for a while, so I can proudly say my short film 'Yours and Mine and Us' is premiering here!

    They're very communicative and transparent about their process to get your film seen. And to be clear; they have an actual strategy, which is really refreshing.

    Fantastic platform for a premiere for your short!

    April 2023
  • Love working with Omeleto! The provide such a valued platform for filmmakers to find their audience. Some of the last true purveyors of quality short content around.

    April 2023
  • Joe Solomon

    Really enjoying the experience of sharing our short film, Eve, on Omeleto. It was great to reach such a wide audience and get their feedback.

    April 2023