PLEASE READ OUR ENTIRE PROCESS BELOW. We CANNOT refund submission fees. Submit ONLY when ready to showcase within TWO MONTHS.


- YOU MUST HAVE LICENSING RIGHTS FOR ALL MUSIC USAGE. Licenses must have online usage rights -- including YouTube -- for all territories. You MUST obtain formal licenses (or be able to reach out to contacts to clear ALL claims).
- We add an OMELETO MARK at the beginning/end of films and a WATERMARK.
- We run ADS before/after films (but not during/within films).
- Non-English dialogue/English dialogue with heavy accents MUST have subtitles BURNED IN.
- REMOVE intro credits sequences (or move them to the end).


We focus on quality and emotional impact of the storytelling -- but also consider skill of craftsmanship and production value. We consider all genres and aesthetics.

Note: We CANNOT showcase films that violate policies for nudity and sexual content, violent or graphic content, suicide/self-harm, etc. If the film is flagged/age-restricted, we WILL need it recut to pass strict family-friendly guidelines -- otherwise, we cannot showcase it.


- If accepted, we expertly package and showcase the film -- then monitor and make any necessary adjustments.
- All films run for THREE MONTHS. We may extend the run for films that perform well (as determined by underlying audience metrics).
- Otherwise, after three months, we may give it a SECOND RUN on one of our genre-specific channels.
- To end the film's run, after three months, let us know and we take it down -- no questions asked. Similarly, we do NOT guarantee indefinite placement on Omeleto -- and may move/remove it for any reason.
- All accepted submissions receive credit, one link and in-depth writeup.

Overall Rating
  • A great platform to screen your shorts. 100% recommend this channel to all filmmakers.

    September 2023
  • Kat and the team at Omeleto were so diligently informative and nurturing through the process, and my film has been seen by more people than I ever could’ve dreamed for. I can’t recommend Omeleto more!

    July 2023
  • Cory Stonebrook

    We have had such a good experience with Omeleto and we are so happy they shared our short When This All Ends on their platform. The engagement our short has gotten because of Omeleto’s following has been wonderful and it’s been great to get more eyes on our film. Highly recommend!

    July 2023
  • Such an outstanding platform! Our short film Crush was accepted to Omeleto and we could not have been more honored to be a part of such a magnificent platform. Omeleto has stellar films and is excellent in every sense of the word. We truly recommend you to submit your film!

    May 2023
  • Allen & Kat are the GOATS. They really understand the digital landscape and how to get your films out there. After having two films released via omeleto, I can't tell you how helpful the platform they offer filmmakers has been to advancing my career.

    May 2023