A Festive celebration in Okotoks, Alberta to ring in the Holidays. Many films are watched by the whole family during the holiday season, but we want to bring families something new. Instead of rewatching the same Holiday films each year we want to introduce independent and new film filmmakers. Help us bring festive cheer to our town and share your holiday-themed or winter-themed films with us!

A one-day festival jam-packed with festive cheer. This is a holiday film festival. Any year-end themes are welcome: Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter, Kwanzaa, New Year, etc.. We will select about 1.5 hours worth of short films and one feature film to screen at the event.

There will be a Live-in theatre screening and then the short films will be added to our secure online screening system to be watched On Demand. This will be accessible to ticket holders only.

Filmmakers are welcome to participate in a live Q&A that will happen at the venue that filmmakers can join over Zoom or on the stage. Filmmakers are also invited to attend the festival in person at their own travel expense, up to 6 tickets will be provided by the festival.

We have two small awards for this festival. A Juried best picture award and an Audience Choice award will be announced at the Live in Cinema screening.

Audience Choice - $500
Best Picture - $500

**Films MUST contain content relating to Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other holiday theme. Films not in line with this theme WILL be disqualified.**

Filmmakers are responsible in securing ALL copyright clearance to film content.
Completed works only. If selected the festival will only accept the same film as was submitted and not an updated version.
Films should be completed after Jan 1, 2013
OFFF! has no premiere status requirements. Films shown prior to the festival or films online are welcome to submit.
Films in a language other than English are required to provide English subtitles.
Only 3 films will be watched from one director by our programmers, please do not submit more than 3 films from one director. If more than 3 films are submitted, films will be disqualified at random until only 3 remain.
Absolutely NO pornographic or Illegal content will be tolerated.
Filmmakers are responsible for submitting material.
Submissions are non-refundable. Refunds will not be made if you submit a non-holiday film and are disqualified.

Overall Rating
  • Alessia Ambrosini

    I found exceptional the hospitality, and impeccable the organisation.
    The audience was very warm.
    I highly reccommend this festival and all those organised by Okotoks Film Sociey!

    December 2022
  • Mike Trebilcock

    Very friendly and helpful organizers. Very glad to have my film selected for this one. Highly recommend!

    January 2022
  • Rudi Mentär

    As a filmmaker from germany I wasn't able to attend the real life festival in Canada. But the communication and especially the appreciation was absolutley lovley. The festivals president took her time to prerecord an Q and A via Zoom which was shown at the screening. Okotoks, we will submit again!

    January 2022
  • Ali Keller

    Such a great festival - with wonderful communication and people!

    January 2022
  • Loved this festival! We enjoyed watching so many Christmas themed films! They were very informative, organized, and responsive. It ran smoothly, and I loved getting to know the others behind the films in the Q & A. I hope you continue a Christmas festival! Great idea!

    January 2021